5 Most Reliable Places to Find Best Online Courses on Artificial Intelligence

In modern day world, one of the most popular technologies is known as Artificial Intelligence which is basically the theory and understanding of machines. Do you want to know what is AI course and what can you learn through it? Well, in Artificial Intelligence courses, you can study how to develop computer programs that makes machines smarter to perform the tasks that usually requires kind of human intelligence like language translation, visual perception, speech recognition, decision making etc.
How to Study Artificial Intelligence?
There are a number of ways to study Artificial Intelligence but the best of all is MOOCs which stands for massive open online courses.  EdX, Coursera, Udemy and various other popular websites allow you to take MOOCs. You might also learn about it through articles as well as video tutorials but specifically designed courses would get you much deeper and clearer understanding of the subject. For example, if you are looking for essay writing service, you will not be ready to get just the random assistance from any writer but you would rather look for someone expert in writing essays.
Why to Learn AI Online?
If you are someone with a full time job or studying to get a regular degree at a college or university, you might prefer to take a regular course in Artificial Intelligence which requires you to spend simply few hours every week. It is possible but most of the courses that are tough at colleges or universities will cost you a lot especially when they are delivered by qualified and experienced AI Professionals. Therefore, if you really wish to study it, online AI Courses could be the best option for you.  To help you find the best courses, we are giving details of some of the most courses available online:
Coursera’s Artificial Intelligence Courses
On Coursera’s website, you can easily find variety of courses which will allow you to choose the one that fits best in your available timeframe and budget. Some of the specialization courses that we found are:
Deep Learning – 5 Courses Specialization
Machine Learning – 4 Courses Specialization
Structuring Machine Learning Projects
Neutral Network for Machine Learning
Control of Mobile Robots
Udacity – Intro to Artificial Intelligence
At Udacity, you can find a free course that will give you an introduction of Artificial Intelligence. In this particular course, you will be able to learn about the basic fundamentals of AI Technology. This course includes:
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Fundamental of AI
Applications of AI
AI development
EdX – Artificial Intelligence Course
This is an exclusively designed course carried out by the Professor Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi, Department of Computer Science, Columbia University. The AI Artificial Intelligence Online Course includes the basic fundamentals of AI that will help you solve problems occurring in real world. In this course, you will be able to learn:
Intro to Artificial Intelligence
History of Artificial Intelligence
Building Artificial Intelligence Agents
AI Applications
Solution to AI Related Problems
Udemy – Artificial Intelligence A-Z Course
At Udemy, various courses about Artificial Intelligence can be found and one of them is AI –A-Z course which as gained 4.4 ratings. In this course, you can learn
Building of Artificial Intelligence
Understanding of Theories
Solution to Real World Problems
Deep Q Learning
Mastering the AI Models
Class Central – Artificial Intelligence | Free AI Online Courses
Class Central is another great place to find and study courses about Artificial Intelligence from top most colleges and universities. Some of the courses that you find at Class Central are:
Principles of Machine Learning
Machine Learning – Stanford University
Neural Networks and Deep Learning
Machine Learning for Musicians and Artists

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