Are Essay Writing Assignments Overload Killing Students?

Every new school year brings with it some anticipation. It’s a new start, a chance to find out something new and it marks being one-year closer to the end of your academic career. While you may or might not be awaiting your courses, many students would agree it isn’t what happens in class that occupies the bulk of their time, but rather what occurs after…in the kind of homework.

It is a generally accepted advice that for every hour spent in class, you should dedicate three hours to external research and prep. Breaking down this, a student spending fifteen hours each week in class is going to need to devote an additional forty-five hours to further study. If you think this amount is alarming, then you aren’t the sole one. In fact, there’s been a massive movement lately to lower the amount of homework given to students.

Homework comes in several forms, including studying, exploring, essay writing and daily skills practice. In a perfect situation, the primary work is completed in the class, while outside work is considered to complementary and reinforces concepts. The problem is that the opposite seems to be accurate and it is having a serious influence on the psychological and emotional health of students everywhere. For example:

56 percent of students asked stated that homework is a key source of anxiety in their lives.
Excessive time spent on homework often results in poor sleep along with other lifestyle habits as methods for coping with the overload.

Time spent mandatory homework is the time that’s removed from other tasks, like hobbies, sports, family time and social interaction, all which are important for overall health and wellbeing.
Many students go without eating or other necessities because they have to prioritize homework overworking a job or caring for themselves.
Before we get on the bandwagon that homework is poor, let’s step back and look at some facts regarding the homework equipment.

To begin with, prep is in fact beneficial. It gives you the chance to review and soak up all that information that’s best suited to your individual learning style. The problem is that the average student is only spending too much time doing it.

According to the guide, there have been multiple studies regarding the optimal amount of homework. One study revealed it to be about one hour a day, although the Department of Education was a little more liberal with their two-three hour per day stance. Other studies indicate that anything over two hours is essentially a waste of time because you just stop paying attention and effectively absorbing information.

Other research tells us that, although it feels that as a student, you’re burdened with an excessive nightly workload, the truth is that your parents did not have it much easier because the quantity of homework provided to the average student has not changed that much from the last thirty decades. Since even most parents would agree that it seems like students have more homework today, we will need to look at why we are perceiving the workload as being so much heavier.

1 response that many could agree upon can be bundled up into one word “anxiety”. The strain and pressure to reach, perform honors and have a respectable extracurricular and social life is extreme. How can you possibly have enough time for all of it? The answer is that you can’t. What is the solution? Many believe that it involves making homework more about quality rather than quantity.

An article from Indiana University highlights that students in America do not fare as well in mathematics when compared to other students all over the world. Why is this? These students are certainly putting in the time, so much time in fact that homework along can be considered a part- or perhaps full-time occupation. The issue appears to be that assignment is being given for the interest of active work, to every student whatever the individual students’ requirements or skill level.

As a student, how do you cope with the homework overload and still maintain your sanity?

First, start by knowing just how much of the grade is wrapped in the homework component, and what does “homework” include.
Speak with your teacher, professor or TA regarding the homework requirements if you find them concerning or debatable. Ask if there’s an alternative solution.
Approach the faculty itself concerning its homework policies.
Prioritize, plan ahead and do not procrastinate.

Homework is meant to be an essential complement to your education. It ought to be a tool that you could utilize to learn from, rather than an evil that competes to get all your free time. As a student, the very best thing you can do is prioritize, plan ahead and use the ideal online centers to assign the essay homework to seasoned freelance writers who can save you a great deal of health and teach you effective writing.

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