Assignment 1

Answer the following:

1. What is the relationship among corporate, business and functional-level strategies and how do they create value for the organization? Please ensure that after defining, you give specificexamples of each. (40 pts) NOTE: Make sure that your example is specific and fully demonstrates that you understand the concept–remember, the reader does not know what you mean, the reader only knows what you’ve written. Do not skimp on this section or much credit will be forfeit.


2. What is a learning organization and how can it be beneficial? (15 pts)


3. Perform a Self-SWOT analysis (Completed in Table format) (25 pts)

       Remember, the self-SWOT can really be beneficial for you, but you only get out of it what you put in.


 4. Formulate a strategy to use what you outlined in the SWOT for personal growth. (20 pts)


Grading Rubric — Answer the assigned questions thoroughly and completely. Develop your responses comprehensively and ensure that your answers are well constructed.Cite the textbook, as required, to augment and support your responses. Use APA writing style to format your in-text parenthetical citations. Ensure that your in-text parenthetical citations are formatted properly to either APA. Provide a list of your sources at the end of EVERY assignment submitted for grading – References (APA). Students should explore other authoritative resources (i.e., in addition to the textbook) to serve as evidentiary support from the published literature. Scholarly research is crucial when writing at the college level.Grading will be based upon the thoroughness and completeness of your responses to the topical questions. Using the textbook alone as a sole resource is unacceptable as is using no resources from the published literature. Formal writing at the college level is all about scholarly research, so ensure that you use sources from the published literature as evidentiary support for the general discussion. Ensure that you enter parenthetical citations at the point at which you use materials from your resources – either paraphrased or directly quoted.If you find that you have any trouble keeping up with assignments or other aspects of the course, make sure you let your instructor know as early as possible. As you will find, building rapport and effective relationships are key to becoming an effective professional. Make sure that you are proactive in informing your instructor when difficulties arise during the semester so that we can help you find a solution. Every assignment submitted should include a descriptive title — that does not necessarily mean the title of the assignment itself.

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