Assignment 2: Required Assignment—Potential Public Health Impacts

Assignment 2: Required Assignment—Potential Public Health Impacts

Public health professionals play various roles including being expert witnesses. This case study presents a situation where you are called upon to provide expertise.

Consider the following scenario:

A major agribusiness is interested in opening a beef confined animal feeding operation (CAFO) in your community. To ensure compliance to procedures, there will be public hearings on the proposal. The local government is very interested in seeing the operation established because it will generate employment and income for the community.

Using the readings for this module, Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet, explain the health impacts the CAFO can have on the community in a 6–8-page research paper. In your research paper, at a minimum, make sure you address the following:

  1. Describe the typical health effects a CAFO can have on a community. Remember to:
    1. Discuss both natural and man-made health issues that may arise from the CAFO.
    2. Discuss both short- and long-term effects, individual and community effects, and environmental effects.
  2. Explain the legal standards surrounding CAFO as they are in the United States, and explain how the local government agencies would respond to help alleviate or mitigate any health risks.
  3. Propose specific efforts the community can make to provide risk reduction, risk control, and risk communication, helping to mitigate any negative effects of the CAFO in the community.

Your paper should be written in proper research paper format with full APA compliance, to include a title page, header, page numbers, abstract, use of Level I and II headings, in-text citations, and a properly formatted references page.

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