Assignment 2:Case Study AnalysisCase 5: Accountable Care Organizations

Case Study AnalysisCase 1: Quality Matters

June 6, 2018

Cultural Diversity for Criminal Justice Professional

June 6, 2018

Assignment 2:Case Study AnalysisCase 5: Accountable Care Organizations
To complete this assignment review the following Web resource:
Goedert J. (2011 April 1). Getting ready for accountable care organizations.Health Data Management.Retrieved from
Complete a detailed case study analysis of the given case using the process described in Appendix A of your textbookStrategic Management of Health Care Organizations.
Your completed Case Study Analysis Report will include the following sections:
Executive summary
Body of the case report
Key issues
Situational analysis
Strategy formulation
Implementation strategies
Benchmarks for success and contingency plans
Where not all pertinent information is given in the case itself search for that information through the South University online library or perform a Web search for the required information. Note: Do not search for information beyond the date of the case.
For the Situational Analysis you are encouraged to provide visual presentation of data in your situational analysis and use the analysis tools from your textbook and other analysis tools you have used in your program such as trend analysis stakeholder analysis etc.
Present your Case Study Analysis report in a Word document formatted in the headings and sub-headings given above.
Submit your report in two steps: First a preliminary report with the key issues situational analysis and strategy formulation. Then the complete report with recommendation implementation strategies benchmarks and the executive summary.
Name your document as:LastnameFirstInitial_W5_A2_Preliminary.docandLastnameFirstInitial_W5_A2_Complete.doc.
For example if your name is John Smith your document will be namedSmithJ_W5_A2_Preliminary.docandSmithJ_W5_A2_Complete.doc
ByMonday March 10 2014 submit the preliminary report to theW5: Assignment 2 Dropbox. ByWednesday March 12 2014 submit the complete report to theW5: Assignment 2 Dropbox.
Assignment 2 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points
Key Issues: Key issues are complete and clearly explained.
Situational Analysis
External environment analysis includes detailed service area competitive analysis.
Internal environment analysis includes strengths and weaknesses with respect to resources competencies an capabilities.
Directional strategies are defined.
Strategy Formulation: Adaptive market entry and competitive strategies are developed and supported with rationale.
Recommendation:Alternatives are practical specific and related to key issues.
Implementation Strategies:Service delivery and support strategies are linked to directional adaptive and market entry and competitive strategies.
Benchmarks for Success:Measurements for success are clearly identified.
Expressed ideas clearly in writing used appropriate visual presentation of data and presented the case study analysis report in the specified format.
Applied the correct APA style usage grammar and punctuation.
This has to focus on the following:- the aspect of PPACA administrative side- the ACO maxinism meaning the overall administration/cost of set up- preliminary structures- expectations cost rather or not the trends of enrollment of staying in ACO
Also the SWOT is the most important part of the paper and must be included.
Thank you and I need these ASAP so I can get a head to hopefully get some extra credit.

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