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Comparing Views on Ethics

This assignment has four parts. The task will challenge your critical thinking ability as you formulate the assignment.  Write a 3+ page, double-spaced, paper reacting to the following:

· Describe the Utilitarian, Individualism, Moral-rights, and Commutative Justice views.  

· What are the drawbacks in each view? 

· Compare and contrast two sets of alternative views, illuminating the reasons for the distinctions.

· Consider your most recent employer and determine what view is most useful to your company and why. 


W4 “Midterm Project”


Midterm Project

For this assignment you will be asked to consider workplace violence–its prevention and management.  It seems that we are living in an age of increasing violence in our society and sometimes that violence spills over into the workplace in one way or another.  For example, employees can bring violent attitudes and behaviors into the workplace, or they themselves may be the victims of violence.   The damage done by the first type of employee can be catastrophic.  The damage done by the second type of employee can be more subtle.  Victims of domestic abuse tend to come in late, leave early or miss work altogether.  They may experience emotional distress so debilitating that they are unable to perform their jobs, often leading to termination of employment (Al-Modallal et al., 2012).

Write a 2-3+ page paper and explore what factors contributed to violence in the workplace within the past three years.

· Define workplace violence

· What type of strategies or interventions should HR management adopt to protect employees while at work?


W5 Assignment “Team Process”


Team Process

What do you understand by the term team process?   Write a 3+ page, double-spaced paper, describing the five stages of team development.

· Provide a personal example of each stage as a team member and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of your team experience. 

· For example, what things went well and what would you improve as a manager responsible for the project. 

· Be sure to apply all of the APA requirements listed in the course description.

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