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Computer Information and Screenshot

Please complete and submit both parts of this assignment:

Part A – Computer Information

In this assignment, you will investigate and learn more about your own computer. Review the presentation W3 Lecture 2 as it will show you how to find the information on your computer. Review the lectures for Week 3 as they will show you how to find the information on your computer.

· What type of device(s) are you using for class? For example: desktop computer, laptop, tablet, 2 in 1(laptop and tablet), smartphone etc.

· What is your operating system?

· How much system memory do you have (RAM)?

· How fast is your CPU?

· Do you have a 32-bit or 64-bit machine? A CPU can process 32 bits of information or 64 bits of information at a time (there are 8 bits in a byte). When you download software from the internet, sometimes there will be one link for a computer that has a 32-bit CPU and another link if it has 64-bit CPU. That is why it is good to know this.

· What is the size of your hard drive?

Answer the questions and take a screenshot of the system properties area in which you would have found the answers to questions 2-5.  

Part B – Screenshots

In this assignment, we want to see that you are able to take a screenshot showing you have Microsoft Office.

· Log into Office 365 and take a screenshot showing the applications. The screenshot would include your name as it shows when you login

Your Part B screenshot should look similar to this:


Submission Instructions:

· To submit your work, you can answer the 6 questions in the message box (visual below) and attach the two screenshots. Remember you probably saved these to your Desktop. (If you have Microsoft Word and are comfortable using it, you may paste the two screenshots into a Word document and use it for your submission.)

· All files submitted for this assignment must have your last name and course number as part of the filename.





Week 4 Assignment

Word Assignment

Create a newsletter using Microsoft Word.  You are a member of a charity, and you are tasked monthly to create a newsletter in which you post current events and information related to the charity. The charity can be a real or imagined charity.   This assignment will use a table to create the structure of the newsletter.  Please read through the remaining directions and information


NOTE: No templates are to be used for this assignment


1. Change the margins of the document to narrow (.5 inch top, bottom, left and right).

2. You will have a title at the top of the newsletter.  You can put in Charity News as the title or create your own title related to the charity.  Change the title to be centered and heading one style. Change font color and font name of the title from what is set by default. Font size should be 48 size font.

3.  Below the title, you will create a 2 column by 3 row table.  In each row, you will have a picture or image in one cell and a brief write up of an event or news you want to share about the charity in the other cell in the row.  Adjust the size of the images, so the newsletter fills the page to look like a newsletter.  

4. Ensure the table is centered on the page by selecting the table and using the center button. It is optional if you would like to change cell shading in any of the cells of the table.

5.  Below the table, put in the words POC Information, your name, any email and phone number.  This should all be centered.  (POC stands for Point of Contact.)

6.  The newsletter will be one page in length.

7. In the footer add in yourLastNameYourFirstInitial

8. Save the file as CS105_LastName_W4Assignment and upload it in the week 4 assignment area of the course.




Week 5 Assignment


Create a PowerPoint presentation on a topic of your choice. It can be on your hobbies, work, or anything you feel passionate about. Each presentation should contain the following:

· Five slides

· First slide should be the title of the presentation and your name

· A title on each slide which is centered

· Text

· A Design theme

· Bullet points on at least two slides

· A Design theme

· An image on at least one slide

· One slide transition applied to all slides

· Slide notes in slide 1 include last name and GID number

· Slide notes to provide more information for slides 2 through 5

NOTE: No templates are to be used for this assignment