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Brand “I” Assignment

Brand “I” Assignment : Each student will develop a brand concept for herself or himself, in the professional space. The plan must include the:


Development and Statement of the Mission, Goals, and Objectives for the “I” brand;


Analysis and description of two different frames of reference;


Positioning of the “I” brand in the competitive space;


Analysis of “I” points of parity/difference, uniqueness, and competitive advantage;


Development of a social media promotion plan;


Development of “I” brand identity and brand image; and


Brand-building plan and an integrated marketing communication program for “I”.



The Brand I Assignment evaluation will be based on:


The degree to which the analysis conveys objectivity, factual accuracy, value-adding components and points of differentiation; the overall analysis must be convincing;


The clarity of the components and the relationship between them. The outcomes must demonstrate transferability across other people, brands, and operating environments;


How brand elements are influenced through the dynamics of attitude development 


Student’s ability to identify a differential across an alternative culture-based audience and demonstrate how this differential impacts on the branding strategy. The student must provide supporting documentation (Hoefstede – Power Distance, Individualism, Masculinity, Uncertainty Avoidance, Long-term Orientation) for the identified differential;


The quality of the explanation of the boundaries of their “I” brand in relation to the competition; and


The ability to assess the product class that the ”I” brand applies to.


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