Common Misconceptions about College First Year

The first year of the college could seem exciting to you as you find lots of college students roaming freely in the campus, playing their favorite games and having fun in their ways. You may think I have been waiting for this life since middle school and now finally it’s my time.


You could imagine the upcoming college days being free of homework and long lectures and exams are going to be a thing a past. However, in the first university lecture, your professor could help you in returning to reality as he or she tells what you are going to learn in the first year. So, wouldn’t it be better if you clear your misconceptions here? Thus, let’s find out what you can’t expect during the fresher year.

Freedom from homework

Students often misunderstand that they don’t have to do homework during the fresher year or the whole course. This misconception is true to some extent, but not fully.

You don’t have to write as many academic assignments during the college as you wrote in the school days. But the ones you have to write hold much significance in the academics. So, you have to attempt all of these assignments.

No need to attend all the lectures

During the school days, you had to attend the long lectures, you can’t roam outside and has to follow academic rules strictly. You can expect the things to change a bit during the college days.

Here, it is a must for you to attend all the lectures to gain proper knowledge about what is being taught. However, you can get the luxury of roaming through the campus freely after the class or if you skip it.

Good grades could be obtained if even you don’t perform well in the first year

Let me give you some philosophical lessons! Its crystal clear that no one ever achieves anything without making efforts.

Now note this down in your mind and let it out when someone tells you that there is no need to worry even if you don’t perform well in the fresher year. It would be a good lesson for the people spreading misconceptions about the first year of college.

So, one more thoughtful suggestions, you need to set a balance between fun and study during the first year at university and enjoy the joyful time you get.

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