Complete business statitics and quantitive analysis discussions 1

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Download the MM305_DataSets zip file to your computer. This file is located in Course Resources. You should then select a data set (you may need to use more than one data set to complete the Discussion). You will NOT be able to copy and paste a graph into the Discussion Board, so you should copy your graph to a Word Document and attach it to your response post.

Describing Data with Numbers and Graphs

Identify the categorical and numerical variables (also known as qualitative and quantitative variables) in the dataset. (If your dataset does not have both types of variables, please pick an additional dataset.)
Select one of your numerical variables and determine whether it is discrete or continuous.
Run descriptive statistics on your variable using Excel Data Analysis. Share the summary table in your post.
Using Excel, create a bar chart (discrete) or histogram (continuous) for your variable.
Attach the Word or Excel file containing the chart to the Discussion post.

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