The first step in starting your dissertation or research project is to choose a suitable topic and to create a title. Short, simple and effective, this is your chance to suggest an interesting idea that will grab your supervisor’s attention and say “I’ve got a great idea!”. Often, your topic or title must be approved by your supervisor before you can begin writing the Dissertation Proposal and the Dissertation itself, so it’s really important to get this right.

At EssayPaper.com, we understand just how important coming up with a suitable topic or title can be – and just how hard it can be to think of a good idea! Dissertations can seem scary, especially when you have to start from the beginning with very little help. A strong title is key to getting great marks on your Dissertation’s final grade – a weak title won’t produce a very good dissertation.

Our unique Dissertation Topics & Titles service was designed to connect you with an expert in your subject, who can suggest titles to meet any requirement. Here’s how we make the magic happen:

1) The first step is simple: just send us any ideas or suggestions you may have for your dissertation topics. Tell the writer the subjects you enjoyed studying the most, or anything that you find particularly interesting. Be as specific as you can so that we can tailor the Topics & Titles to your personal interests!

2) We’ll locate an expert writer to create a minimum of 3 topics for you to review. The writer will be directly qualified in the subject area you are working in, so you can be certain they will identify fresh and relevant topics, especially for you. They’ll be sure to create titles which are achievable at the grade you order to help you reach your overall goal.

3) Our writer will review your suggestions and do some background reading. They’ll identify some thought-provoking areas and explore them further. A great dissertation should be interesting and original, looking at an existing area of research, but in a new or different way. This is the first step to creating an excellent title – ensuring it has a great foundation in existing literature.

4) Based on their research, the writer will select three dissertation topics, though you can order more if you’d like a wider choice. Each topic outlined for you will contain everything you need to get started with a proposal: every topic is described in a short paragraph, which contains discussion points and areas that you might want to write about.

5) Each topic comes with a suggested Dissertation title which summarises what the overall Dissertation would be about. We also provide a handful of suggested sources, tailored to the topic, to start you off with some research and reading. In short, this service gives you everything you need to seek approval and explore the topic further yourself!