Criminal Justice Decision Making


Decisions are made every day in organizations, some are individual and others are group decisions. There are different variables and influencers that affect how decisions are made within a criminal justice organization.

Write a 1,400-word paper about decision-making in a criminal justice organization or one of which you are familiar with. In paper, include the following:

  • The power and political elements of your organization.


  • Communication channels within your organization and how you feel they could be improved.


  • One successful and one unsuccessful experience with group decision making.


  • Discuss the factors that affected the group’s overall effectiveness, drawing from concepts in your readings.


Include at least two peer-reviewed resources in your paper. Quotes must be included within paper.

Properly quote and cite all references used.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


NOTE: cover page and reference page is NOT included in the 1,400 word count for essay. Essay must have thoroughly detailed infromation and references to support analysis.


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