Cultural Diversity for Criminal Justice Professional

Instructional Objectives for this activity: Assess issues pertaining to the ethnic racial and gender composition of law enforcement agencies in the United States.
Will the increasing number of women in law enforcement and the military eventually tip the balance of power between men and women and result in greater gender equality in the above mentioned workplaces? Discuss this question in your essay and be sure to cite your sources.
In the Book:
To build a diverse workforce recruitment statement used in the past will no longer be sufficient and will not provide agencies with high-quality applicants. Agencies with maximum success in recruiting women and minorities have had specific goals. Objectives and timetables in places; these policies must be established at the top level of the organization.
Commitment: Recruiting minority and women applicants especially in highly competitive labor market requires commitment and effort. Police executives must communicate that commitment to their recruiting staff and devote the resources necessary to achieve recruitment goals. This genuine commitment must be demonstrated both inside and outside the organization.
300 word

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