Data Application To Health Care ( Read Very Carefully And Follow The Instructions)

Information Systems

you can select  a topic  that you feel more comfortable with which deals with data application, and that you can propose a new/modified/different algorithm to the existing algorithms in the later part of the course.

3. Use the search engines (i.e. ACM Digital Library, IEEE, Google Scholar, etc.) to search for technical papers on the topic of your choice. Make sure that the papers were published within the last 8 years. List all the papers as references (6 ~ 8) at the end of your documentation. Other reliable sources can also be used. References should follow the standard IEEE citation format

5. In your report, you should include this following section:

a. Existing Algorithms — discussing their pros and cons

b. Potential Research Topics – list potential research topic(s) that you will work for your final research paper.

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