Describe the distribution of firms and consumers | Market assignment

This week, you will wrap up the research of your Market assignment by submitting a 5-page written report that covers the  following:

  1. Describe the distribution of firms and consumers in:
    1. Are there only a few on one side or both sides?
    2. Is there a mix of very different kinds of firms? Or consumers?
  2. Aggregate the consumer demand functions to construct a market demand.
  3. Describe and write down mathematically any important constraints or regulations on the market.
  4. If possible, solve for the equilibrium ou
  5. Say something interesting about the Some ideas:
  • How would changes in input prices affect the market equilibrium?
  • Is there a policy that if implemented would improve efficiency?
  • What implications would an improvement in production technology have?
  • Is the market outcome efficient?
  • How is market surplus divided between consumers and producers/sellers?

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