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ABH-SEP-180917-352PM-MSC DISSEER_ Dissertation Project Proposal Form MSc PM

About this form

This form is for use in the MSc Project Management PROM01 tutorial sessions.

It is for you to use to outline your dissertation topic ideas for discussion in class and peer review, as well as for producing your actual PROM01 proposal for approval.

Before you completing this proposal form you must read the document:

“A very short guide to developing a brilliant MSc Project Management dissertation research topic”

A copy of which you should have been given by the tutor taking the PROM01 tutorial sessions.

It is expected that this document will extend to two or three pages when you have completed it correctly.

Dissertation Subject Area (note this is not the title):


Your DissertationResearch Topic ProposalA framework to identify and manage the challenging to start producing  for xxxxxx Ltd 
How is this topic explicitly linked to project management?

In project management, a framework is given regarding completion of various tasks. Similarly, the proposal also focuses on method for managing a project. This project can be associated with the M.Sc program. The project will help the Charcoal factory to continue their business with olive trees (Sinh, 2015).

Give a general overview of your idea

The main idea is to identify the need of project manager in the industries of Jordan and in the charcoal factory.

What is the research objective?

·         To identify the difference between project manager and project management office.

·         To understand significance of project manager in the industries of Jordan and charcoal factory.

What is/are the research question/s

Q1) what are the differences between PM and PMO?

Q2) what is the importance of project manager in the industries of Jordan?

What will be actual output of the research?

Actual output is to manage risks and establishing policies for the new factories at Jordan. The main aim of this project is to compare and contrast between Project manager and project management office. The project will enable the provider to understand the concept of project manager and project management office (Rokooei, 2015). It will try to explain the problems faced by the Charcoal factory at Jordon. This proposal will going to explain the possible outcome for managing risks and the technical or environmental problems faced by the charcoal factory at Jordon. In order to solve the problem faced by this organisation, project manager are required who will be able to guide the management.

How will the data required to produce the output be collected?

Secondary data collection method can be used for producing the output.

What will be the main focus of your literature review?

The focus of the literature review is to understand the concepts of project manager and project management office (Novo,2017). It will also focus on the need for project manager in the industries of Jordon and the ways in which charcoal factory can make use of olive residues.

What do you envisage could be areas of difficulty with this dissertation/project idea?

The problems that are faced by this project include low budget, limited time and lack of adequate resources (Hoffmann, 2016). The constraints that will be faced by this project include time, budget and quality. In the absence of adequate time, it will be difficult to complete this project within stipulated period. Lack of adequate budget can pose a challenge in the successful completion of the projects. Low budget will restrict proper use of resources by the workers. Quality is vital in this project and so in order to ensure quality work, a stakeholder is to be consulted. A stakeholder can ensure whether the works are undertaken in an effective and systematic manner or not.

Any other comments:

 Reference list

Hoffmann, F. (2016). Magnetic Resonance Imaging Of The Brain And Spine. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 1, 2-10.

Kuzlu, M., Pipattanasomporn, M., & Rahman, S. (2014). Communication network requirements for major smart grid applications in HAN, NAN and WAN. Computer Networks, 67, 74-88.

Novo, B., Landis, E. A., & Haley, M. L. (2017). Leadership and Its Role in the Success of Project Management. Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics14(1), 73-83.

Rokooei, S. (2015). Building information modeling in project management: necessities, challenges and outcomes. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 210, 87-95.

Sinh, H. (2015). Project Management Analytics: A Data-driven Approach to Making Rational and Effective Project Decisions. FT Press, 2(8), 6-19.

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