Elon Musk named an artificial intelligence the biggest threat to society

Elon Musk likes to make predictions. So, earlier he said that we most likely live in a computer simulation, and Mars can be made habitable with the help of a nuclear bomb.


One of the favorite topics of Musk is artificial intelligence. The American billionaire continually warns that people should be extremely cautious with this technology. The other day, Musk said that the AI will eventually destroy humanity. Here we have an essay on artificial intelligence and thoughts by Elon Musk we want to share them with you!

The head of Tesla and SpaceX is convinced that scientists will not be able to make robots safe. He said that artificial intelligence is the greatest risk that humanity can face as a civilization. The chance to survive for human civilization is minimal – only 5-10%, he believes. At the same time, the rise of the machine should happen in the next decade. Fortune magazine reported about this statement at a meeting of the National Association of Governors. He urged the government to quickly and decisively intervene in the situation.

Musk believes that the main danger is that scientists create a technique that is able to independently learn, improve without the participation of a person, solve problems and react, but there is not any machine that can be trained to express emotions, to be guided by morality, make exceptions depending on repentance of the opposite side of the conflict. Human feelings cannot be understood by robots, and this is the problem – no one knows what conclusions the machines eventually come to.


The businessman explained that companies, which are trying to succeed in advanced technology, can forget about those dangers that artificial intelligence may cause. According to Elon Musk, only government regulations are able to stop them from the creation of an artificial intelligence.

“Robots could accidentally trigger wars”, “if we let autonomous machines select their own targets and kill them without human supervision, “it’s up to humans which direction the technology goes in.” the entrepreneur emphasized.

Mask urged people to believe in his words, emphasizing that he has access to the most advanced artificial intelligence. “AI is the rare case when we need to be active in regulatory issues,” the businessman said. According to him, otherwise, if a person only reacts to changes already occurred in the industry, it will be too late. The head of SpaceX and Tesla emphasized once again that artificial intelligence can be more dangerous for a person than traffic accidents, air crashes, drugs or even nukes.

Elon Musk concerned that today only a few companies are engaged in developments of AI. As an example, he cited the Google Deepmind division.

“Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple – all of them have already known a lot about you. AI, which will be created in the bowels of these corporations, will have tremendous power over people. The concentration of power in one hand always causes huge risks.” Musk says.


He considers that the only positive solution of the problem is a direct integration with computers – and this is exactly what the company Neuralink works on, in fact. Neural laces will allow people to evolve with machines, preserving leadership in the race for development with artificial intelligence.

It is interesting that despite the apocalyptic predictions, head of Tesla and SpaceX agrees that nowadays AI technologies provide invaluable assistance for mankind: for example, in diagnosing cancer and revealing suicidal behavior. These developments potentially can improve the quality of life of every inhabitant of the Earth, so the field of artificial intelligence should not be banned, but regulated.

During the meeting, the billionaire also pondered the future of self-driving cars and space travel, complaining that his high expectations turned out to be much less amusing than it may seem for Musk and quite complicated emotional challenge.

Earlier, the billionaire already expressed his fears about the future of mankind, when he announced the widespread introduction of robots. He doubted whether people could co-exist in a symbiosis with advanced artificial intelligence.

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