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Click the link below, and read pages 29-30 and 44 of the document. Note: Page numbers in the PDF do not correspond with actual document page numbers. U.S. Department of Justice. (2000, June). Fire and arson scene evidence: A guide for public safety personnel. Retrieved from

Additionally, you may want to do your own research to view real examples of fire scene sketches or drawings. The goal of this assignment is to ensure that all relevant data is captured in your documentation of the scene.

To accomplish this, you will organize and sketch a hypothetical structure fire scene as if you are documenting the scene as a part of a fire report. You will create the specific details of the fire scene.

Your sketch should give a complete picture of all the necessary details that should be contained in a sketch, which would be a part of an official fire report. At a minimum, your sketch should include the following information:

identifying information such as address, date, time, case/incident number, and sketch author;

a legend to describe what the symbols in your sketch represent; measurements, scale, and directional orientation (if not drawn to scale, it should be notated as “not to scale” or “all measurements are approximate”); and pertinent fire scene information and evidence such as damage, fire patterns, and fire travel (as presented in in the readings for this unit).

Next, write a single page narrative explaining your method of examining the fire scene and your method for compiling your documentation. Discuss the findings presented in your sketch to include sources of ignition, fire flow patterns, and ventilation issues. Your project submission should be at least two pages in length. You may either hand draw your sketch or create it utilizing computer software. You will then need to scan in or import your sketch, and insert or paste your sketch into your Word document. Please include a title page with your submission. References are not required for this project.

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