Essay Paper on Overview and Design

In a narrative, provide an overview about the unit. Include the following in your overview: a. description of the theme, b. in what ways the theme is meaningful for children, c. how the theme links with other subject areas. Include a list of key questions to engage children in critical thinking experiences.2. Based on the identified unit goals, create a Sequence of five lesson plans and related literacy concepts to ensure coherence and required prior knowledge.3. Provide a concept web to graphically illustrate the theme, topics to be explored and integration of other subject areas throughout the unit. Required prior knowledge for the is indicated in the graphic. EC 521 16 of 28 Revised May 2017 Alignment Matrix4. Design your unit and include the following elements: a. Provide a rationale that describes why the five lessons follow a particular sequence. Include a diagram or graphic to demonstrate how concepts are aligned throughout the lessons.o Academic or learning standards met by the unit: identify the state or local learning standards related to the subject areas that are integrated (for example, Sunshine State Standards, Common Core Standards)o Learning goals and objectives- List the specific unit goals and objectiveso Accommodations for children with diverse characteristics- provide specific accommodations for English language learners and for children with special needs.o Learning resources and materials including use of technology as applicableo Literacy resources- identify the literacy materials and children’s book selections related to the themeo Proposed schedule of learner activities- provide a week-long matrix indicating how activities will be scheduled. Include a narrative describing the learning strategies to be used (for example, cooperative groups, etc.)o Assessment activities- identify the assessment activities and tools that will be used to determine learning outcomeso Home connections- describe how learning will be extended at home to engage families in their children’s learningo List of references and resources- provide a list of recommended teacher references and related instructional materials. Include any community resources related to the unit theme.5. Provide a narrative describing how you plan to organize the environment to motivate and engage children in the unit thematic activities. Also describe your classroom management plan. 6. Share your unit with your cooperating teacher or curriculum specialist and request specific feedback pertaining to the following:a. Data needed to appropriately evaluate learning outcomesb. Recommendations or changes to improve the effectiveness of the lessons.

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