| IRB Revised


IRB Revised


Areas for improvement: • Remove repetition in problem desсrіption. • In Objectives area needs to be more specific in regards to “IT and KM.” What IT information/systems is he going to look at? Is it the IT department as a whole? Is it how IT is implemented, the systems used, or the software used? In determining the impact of KM on performance what measures is he using? How is he measuring performance; GAP, graduation rates, retention rates, funding sources, etc? • In Purpose area he uses the acronym SECI but doesn’t tell what it stands for, should clarify this. • In the data collection procedures area he states “five selected colleges” and in the next area, participant selection, he states participants will be drawn from “three HEIs.” Is there a disconnect between these? • Have James rewrite the information in each area addressing the reviewers’ comments and avoid duplication in his responses. It is confusing is the original information isn’t revised but is left there.


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