Explore the awareness of the existence and availability of the Solent graduate scheme (and similar schemes) among undergraduate students.”

“Explore the awareness of the existence and availability of the Solent graduate scheme (and similar schemes) among undergraduate students.”

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Each year, the Solent graduate scheme provides exclusive paid job opportunities to Solent undergraduates to work in a range of professional service roles. Many universities offer similar programmes.
However, are students aware of these opportunities that are designed to facilitate their employability after graduating?
Create and complete a survey to obtain the data from your fellow students. (Dotn have a survey created, however saw the findings of my course mates and the most of the students don’t know about this scheme or only heard the name (year 3 students are more aware)
Then prepare a short research report of 2,000 words in total, excluding references, with the following title:
“Explore the awareness of the existence and availability of the Solent graduate scheme (and similar schemes) among undergraduate students.”

Your sample is limited to 25 responses from fellow students where you are currently studying this year (i.e. in the UK or abroad). The students must come from as wide a range as possible of different countries to reflect prior international educational experiences.

You’ll obviously have to refer to the material on SOL for this unit, your two core texts and other references on the topic to help you to devise and analyse your survey in both research and theoretical terms.

Look particularly at Bell 2010 chapter 8 ‘Designing and administering questionnaires’ pages 140-159.

Think carefully about the data you need and do not need, and address the ethical research issues, e.g. anonymisation of respondents. See Bell 2010 chapter 3 ‘Ethics and integrity in research’ pages 44-62. You must complete an ethics release form and attach it to your assignment.

Is there a set instruction you can use? Are there any things you need to think about when devising a survey for people whose first language may not be English?

Include some open questions as well as closed ones in your survey. Analyse your results, then:

Write up your key findings and critically discuss them in a short research report of 2,000 words, including any recommendations as appropriate. Comment on how representative and valid your sample is in this context. In your conclusion, include a short reflection about what you have learned from carrying out this small international research survey.

Include key information in an appendix. Full individual surveys are not required.

Make sure you write in formal academic style and remember that just describing what you did and your findings is not analysis!


The completed assessment will take the following simple report form (use numbered headings throughout):

Title Page: State the unit code, the title of the unit, the full title of your assessment, and your student identifier.

1. Introduction: (200 words) – briefly introduce the topic; include the parameters of the assessment, what you will include and why, what you will not include, and why not.

2. Development: (1,500 words) – develop your assessment, with the most important points first, least important last. Use headings and paragraphing to show new topics / ideas etc.

3. Conclusion: (300 words) – summarise the content of your assessment; do not introduce new points / ideas at this stage.

References: – (not included in your word count) this must include all references in your assessment which are to come from a range of sources. At this level around 10 different sources are expected. Referencing throughout your assessment and in this section must use the Harvard system correctly.


Further guidance

For the assessment, it is important to plan your work carefully in sections, putting the points in order of importance (important points first). Your assessment should be clear and logical to the reader, and should flow from paragraph to paragraph. Make sure you analyse the topic, rather than being just descriptive. Check that you link the sections of your assessment together carefully. Set your work out exactly as required, and ensure you check your work for spelling and grammar. You must reference as required using the Harvard system. Before submitting your work, make sure you proof read it critically to remove any errors you might have missed earlier.

The approach required is a piece of academic work examining international research issues, relating them to appropriate research and theories, and proposing reasoned solutions and conclusions.

Any assertions you make must be backed up with relevant, correctly referenced examples throughout. Do not merely give your own unsubstantiated opinions, or simply copy out sections from secondary sources, whether cited or uncited, as this is academic misconduct, and you will be heavily penalised if you do this.

assessment is to be word-processed using Word, and the style required is as follows: 1.5 spacing, Trebuchet MS 12 point, fully justified text, page numbering centre bottom, 3cm space on all sides. Use bold and 14 point for headings. Double return for new paragraphs, do not indent. Use the Harvard referencing system.



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