Extension Democracy Lead Naturally | Precision of thought and analysis

Assessment one: 2000 word research paper

The research essay requires you to explore one of the topics covered in the course in greater depth. You are expected to draw on independent research that goes beyond the lecture material and core course readings listed for your chosen topic.

You may select a topic from the list below, or devise an alternative topic that engages with central questions and themes from the course. If you wish to write your own topic, you must ensure that it relates directly to the topics covered in this subject and that it has been formally approved by your tutor.

Topics for the research essay:

  1. Does the extension of democracy lead naturally to the public regulation and management of markets?
  2. Describe the distributional consequences of the “China shock” for advanced economies. How consequential have they been for politics within these countries? Illustrate your argument with reference to at least TWO developed democracies.
  3. Why do democracies respond to rising economic inequality differently?
  4. Are tax havens an inevitable consequence of globalisation?
  5. Under what circumstances can developing countries combine globalisation witheffective welfare states?
  6. If the United States were to withdraw from the World Trade Organisation, who would lose and who would win?
  7. What explains the continuing heavy reliance of many countries on fossil fuels as sources of energy? Illustrate your answer with reference to at least TWO countries.
  8. How consequential are the Trump administration’s policies for the position of the US dollar in the international monetary system?
  9. Do the policy responses to financial crises since 2007 suggest that the financial sector has “captured” the state? Illustrate your answer with evidence from more than one country.
  10. Does theexperience of the G20 suggest that collective management is a viable alternative to hegemony in global economic governance?
  11. You may develop an alternative topic of your choice on the conditions that it is directly related to one or more of the topics covered in this subject and that it is approved by your tutor.

Students must ensure that they respond effectively and directly to the question as it has been posed. You should begin by interpreting the meaning of the question, how it has been answered by different scholars, and by outlining briefly your own answer to the question.

Your essay will be marked on the following criteria:

  • Thoroughness and appropriateness of research (note that citing lecture material should be avoided; refer to the scholarly literature)
  • Precision of thought and analysis
  • Demonstrated understanding of the topic
  • A clear argument with consideration given to counter-arguments and evidence
  • Clarity of written expression


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