Facts and Ideas to Include in Your Domestic Violence Research Paper

Domestic violence is a common subject in research papers for psychology classes. While writing a domestic violence research paper can be challenging, understanding a few important facts about the issue will help make your paper more interesting to people who examine it and make it a simple assignment for you to write.

One in three women has been the victim of violent relationships. Girls are somewhat more likely to be the victims of domestic violence than men are. Girls that are in their 20’s are most likely to be the victims. Mentioning this statistic in your paper is guaranteed to bring some shock value in addition to a great jumping-off tip for the subject of your paper.

One in four men has been the victim of abusive relationships. While men are less inclined than girls to be the victims of domestic violence, the number of guys who are abused is very large. Oftentimes, men are overlooked in regards to domestic abuse. Rape, physical abuse, and verbal abuse are typical for men confronting domestic abuse. Focusing on guys as a subject of your paper can take a look at the issue of domestic abuse from a new angle. Two in every five homosexual or bisexual men are the victims of domestic abuse. This is a bit greater than the static of men, generally speaking, being the victims of domestic abuse. Writing about domestic violence from the viewpoint of the LGBT community is a unique approach to write about this topic.
Domestic violence hotlines get over 200,000 calls each year (in the United States). Not everybody who is a victim of domestic abuse is courageous enough to talk, but lots of people who do reach out to domestic abuse hotlines or shelters. By interviewing hotline employees, or by volunteering for one of these hotlines, you could get the first-hand experience of people working with domestic violence victims. Of course, you are not likely to use quotes from actual calls as that would be a violation of their victim’s privacy.

Nearly 20% of domestic violence includes the use of a weapon. Domestic violence does not have to be physical, but it often is. Possessing a weapon in the home often makes the fate of a domestic violence victim gloomy. When a girl (who’s the victim of domestic violence) lives in a home with a gun, then she’s five times more likely to be murdered by her partner than a woman who lives in a home without a gun. Using this fact, you could also write concerning gun violence/gun legislation, in general, in your research document. This is just another amazingly large statistic which can be utilized in your research paper. While not all women that are in domestic violence situations are raped, a number of them are. In certain states, marital rape isn’t illegal. Not all women that are raped report it. Rape culture, the way rape is discussed in society, is a top factor in this. Writing about this can give an extra dimension to your research paper.

Almost half of the girls that are victims are raped by people they know. More than 40% of rapes are perpetrated by an acquaintance of a sufferer. One interesting point to write about on your research paper would be to study why this happens. Men are not as likely to be raped by someone they know. Looking at this gap could provide an interesting angle for your own paper. What are a few of the other health effects of sexual violence? Looking into this may add thickness to your paper.

Children who live in homes with domestic violence are more likely to be neglected or abused by their own parents. Children who grow up in a household where one parent is mistreated by another are more likely to be changed also. If they’re not abused, they are still more likely to be neglected than children whose parents are not victims of domestic violence. Researching the effects of domestic violence on children is an exceptional approach to write about this topic.

Kids who grow up seeing domestic violence are more inclined to commit a violent offense when adults compared to kids who do not grow up experiencing domestic violence. Children who grow up in homes with domestic violence are more likely to commit violent offenses when they’re adults. Does this mean they are even more likely to become abusers in their own relationships? Look to this to see how different kids choose to live their own lives after leaving a home with domestic violence.

We expect these facts may give you a stepping-stone to write your own research paper about this problem. You may even use multiple of those facts in your newspaper. References are listed below. Feel free to mention these very same sources in your paper. Moreover, if you can not make an interesting topic for your newspaper, our experts have completed a list of on-point subject ideas which could come in handy for you. Good luck!



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