Facts for English Reflective Essay on Moving to Another Country

Education is just one of the more important reasons young men and women migrate from their country of residence to the next. Despite all visible advantages of these conclusions, it doesn’t come easy and may be followed by the collection of challenges. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise for you, if you are tasked with elaborating on your experience of moving into another nation or in your experience of considering such opportunity for a part of your English 101 course.

Composing English 101 essays is a task that requires you support any of English 101 issues with solid facts. Even if your English 101 newspaper is reflective you cannot write it based only on your experience and emotional history, you need to utilize wider facts to frame your own composition.

10 Interesting Student Migration Truth About an English 101 Essay

The American colleges attract the most students. The UK Office for National Statistics released a whitepaper on global student migration, which highlighted some fascinating facts about student migration. The data revealed that the US is your favorite destination for international students and 21% of all students studying overseas are taking classes in the US.
Non-EU students account for most of the amounts. Statistics show that students from not the EU countries account for three-quarter of their migrating student populace. China tops the standing and students leaving India to come next. African countries like Nigeria, also sit at the peak of the list.

Affluence drives student migration. The spike in the number of international students moving from one nation to another is due to a rising middle-class in such countries as China, India, and Nigeria. This increased financial ability has made it easier for families to cover the tuition, lodging, national and transport prices for their wards.
International students pursue completely different majors. Statistics demonstrate that migrating students go to foreign schools typically with the aim of acquiring advanced certifications. These courses attract foreign students due to the job opportunities connected to those fields of study.

Migrating students don’t limit themselves to the list of top universities. Statistics demonstrate that international students apply to schools for many different reasons including ease of entry, tuition fees, accommodation, and prestige. The top 10 schools that migrating students apply to this many are Florida Institute of Technology, New School-New York, Illinois Institute of Technology, University of Tulsa, Suffolk University, University of California-San Diego, Carnegie Mellon University, Boston University, Brandeis University, and Northeastern University. Students seeking to study in different nations generally pursue a diploma in the STEM field. Statistics show that 35 percent of the international students studying in the USA is getting involved in a STEM-related course whilst in the united kingdom, the percentage is a little higher for 43 % of migrating students are in a STEM-related field. As stated earlier, this can be due to the plethora of job opportunities available to professionals in those businesses. Research conducted on international students who study in the US highlights the difference in their geographic demographics. It showed the continent of Asia accounts for 64 percent, Europe makes up 11 percent of migrating students, the Middle East covers 7.5%, Latin America 8.4%, Africa 4.6 percent and Oceania 0.7%. This also buttresses the fact of both China and also India’s dominance in the education migration scene.

Metropolitan areas attract foreign students much more. As per a survey conducted by Brookings, metropolitan regions host the greatest numbers of overseas students. In the US, roughly 25% of overseas students tend to select schools in metropolitan regions or reside there throughout their schooling years. This may be on account of the liberal lifestyles experienced in such societies.
Visa laws make it hard to retain students. Visa legislation in America and UK make it hard for foreign students who graduate from universities at these places to work there. Foreign professionals interested in working in the US must get an H-1B visa to legally work here. International students, on the other hand, require an F-1 visa. Statistics show that roughly 670,000 F-1 visas have been issued to overseas students annually while only a measly 19,900 H-1B visas have been issued to students who successfully graduate from US universities.
Students migrate more than everyone. A report on these migration patterns in Britain highlighted the fact that foreign students made up 60% of those folks passing throughout the United Kingdom’s ports. This adventure is also similar to the one witnessed in the united states. In the US, students account for 50% of those individuals who pass through its borders legally. Therefore, education and overseas students play an important role in improving the economies of host nations.

Here we come to the conclusion of these interesting facts dedicated to helping students write English 101 essay outlines for delegated work. You are welcome to take advantage of the above details as you see fit when drafting an English 101 essay sample.


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