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Food Insecurity and Climate Change

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For this topic, I am doing a research about the problems that are related to Food Insecurity. I want to examine why we have food insecurity in America and how the problem affects the people of low income. Moreover, the paper will include how our agricultural and subsidizing system(over-subsidize corn and soy) affect people and our climate change. One source is to watch one video. Watch a video and do research based on it ( . The main idea of the talk is about the food challenge that America still have that are related to food and climate. The author states four main problems that we are facing in the food industry: Eating local and seasonal; eating organic; eating less meat and dairy products and waste less food,…etc. The speakers then dig in about each problem and how can we improve the situation. In the presentation, the speakers also explain why organic food is much more expensive than normal-produced food which interests me enough to dig in more about this topic. I want the paper to examine deeper about what the author says in the video. Your paper may take the overall form of an argument; if so, your clearly stated assertions and arguments will be supported by relevant points from your research. You will use a minimum of 10 outside sources. Include at least three (3) print sources (two must be peer reviewed scholarly articles) and a mix of primary and secondary sources.

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