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According to the book, Finch, a resident of Maycomb County, that is also a fictional nation in Alabama, is an attorney and also the father of 2 kids called Jeremy and Jean. Apparently, Lee based the features of Finch on those of his own father, Coleman Lee. The majority of the trials obtained by Coleman were highly publicized, just as people that are accepted by Finch.

In the publication, Finch is described as a powerful individual with a very powerful character. Finch is also described as an individual who’s not afraid to put his own life in danger whilst defending the rights of accused blacks. Not only did the cases place his life in danger but the instances also posed a big threat to his livelihood. These risks, however, did not seem to scare away Finch who worked hard on the highly publicized and controversial circumstances.

Finch’s character is that of a person who actively pursues justice and shows good examples of a scout. The character also demonstrates the significance of ethics and how important it’s to be prepared to sacrifice everything that one has in pursuit of the truth and also in search of justice. It’s as if Lee admired his father so much that he decided to illustrate exactly what he thought of his father in the book. Lee, through Finch’s personality, appears to be instructing the audience that once they believe in something they should not be afraid to go after everything, regardless of the consequences.

Among the most popular quotes in the novel is that which states that “you can never really understand an individual before one starts considering the situation at hand in the view of the person. It is not until you climb into somebody’s skin and walks about in it that one will understand that individual.” In this quote, Finch is apparently giving a significant bit of advice to Scout if she encounters a very hard time while at college. The quote is meant to help Scout return to college even though she’d made up her mind never to return to school.

The other popular quote is “the one thing that doesn’t stick to the vast majority of what’s accepted by people is the individual’s conscience.” This is a famous quote from the book because it supplies a piece of advice that a lot of people are able to use by immediately applying it to their own situations. Basically, Finch is saying that individuals should learn how to accept the fact there are particular things that happen in life which we cannot do anything about and should therefore not fight them learn to take them as they are.

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