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Cultivation Theory

  • Produced by George Gerbner
  • Central Claim: Persistent lengthy term contact with TV content has small but measurable effects around the perceptual worlds of audience people.
  • Heavy TV viewing creates an exaggerated belief inside a mean and frightening world. (Gerbner)
  • TV has surpassed religion because the key storyteller in our (US American) culture.
  • Vicarious experience?

Video Screen Time
Just how much television would you watch with an average day?

  • 4 or even more hrs?
  • 2-4 hrs?
  • Under 2 hrs?

The length of time daily for you spend on the web or playing video games?On-Screen Time
Television Viewer Profiles

  • Heavy viewers: 4 or even more hrs each day
  • Moderate viewers: 2-4 hrs each day
  • Light viewers: under 2 hrs each day

These distinctions does apply to Internet and video game users

Cultivation Theory Research
Content analyses of prime time television
–The Television world
–The Violence Index

National surveys of TV audience
–Classify as heavy, moderate light viewers
–Survey concerning perceptions of real life

Calculate Cultivation Effect (or Cultivation Differential)
–Overall (overall) effects
–Subgroup breakdowns (Mainstreaming, Resonance) too.

Cultivation Differential
The main difference within the percent of individuals giving the tv answer within comparable categories of light and high viewers.
Examples: Evaluating light and high viewers among university students among teachers among senior

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Cultivation Effects
So why do cultivation effects differ among subgroups? Two explanations:
Mainstreaming: Heavy viewers from various groups create a similar outlook.
Resonance: TV content resonates with real existence encounters to amplify the cultivation effect in a few groups.

Gerbner s cultivation thesis writing of the University of Pennsylvania

How About TV Violence?

  • Based on Gerbner, violence is TVs principal message.
  • Although other media have violent content, television violence is easily the most significant.
  • Within the 1970s, 2/3rds of prime-time programs contained violence or the specter of violence (Gerbner, 1980).
  • How about today?
  • Based on Gerbner, seniors, children, Latinos, African-Americans, women, and also the less educated are most frequently the sufferers of TV violence.
  • TV places marginalized individuals symbolic double risk by concurrently under-representing and also over-victimizing them.
  • How about today?

Social Action Theory

  • Produced by Anderson and Meyer
  • For the majority of the good reputation for research in mass communication, content has been seen a silver bullet shot from the media gun to enter a new audience” (Anderson Meyer, p. 48).
  • Audiences aren’t new nor passive.
  • Media audiences participate positively in mediated communication they construct meanings in the content they see.
  • Social action theory sees communication interaction when it comes to actors intent, receivers’ interpretations, and message content.
  • Meaning isn’t delivered within the communication process, rather it’s built there.
  • Each communication act generates a minimum of three separate and potentially different sites of the construction.

Meanings arise in:
1. The intentions from the producer.
2. The conventions from the content.
3. The interpretations from the receiver.Using Social Action Theory

  • Determine the intentions from the media creator (e.g. producer, actor, author).
  • Check out the media content (visual, verbal, musical, etc.)
  • Identify possible receiver interpretations.
  • Measure the potential side effects on receivers (including you).

Gerbner s cultivation thesis writing from different

Media Effects: A Good Example
Cover Story: By Dan MacMedan for USA TODAY, 26 Feb 1999
How Bad is Wrestling for your children?TV Wrestling

  • Two big enterprises – WCW (of Turner/Time-Warner), and WWF (of USA Systems).
  • On three nights per week.
  • Pay-per-view occasions monthly.
  • Over 40 million viewers
  • Wrestling audience- Men from 18-34
  • 33% of viewers they are under age 17
  • 13% are between age 6-11
  • Frequently, 7-8 from the days top 10-rated cable shows are wrestling programs.

Modeling Behavior?
A study released now presents data from the study conducted by Indiana College and Inside Edition. The study team monitored 50 instances of WWF Raw between Jan.12, 1998 and February.1,1999.A sampling of specific incidences and the amount of occasions the behaviour happened:

  • Grabbing/pointing to ones crotch – 1,658
  • Giving the finger – 157
  • Simulated intercourse – 128
  • Satanic activity – 47
  • Simulated drug abuse – 42
  • Peeing, speaking about/appearing to – 21
  • Character appearing like a prostitute -20

Media Effects-Music Video?
Do videos have messages?
Apply social action theory:
–intentions from the artist/producer
–content features
–viewer/receiver interpretations
Any likely effects?

Agenda-Setting Theory
The Agenda: Not things to think, what to consider.
The Theorists: Maxwell McCombs Jesse Shaw

Concerning the theory:

  • It contrasts using the selective exposure hypothesis of cognitive dissonance, reaffirming the strength of the press while keeping individual freedom.
  • It aligns well with social judgment theory.
  • It contrasts using the selective exposure hypothesis of cognitive dissonance, reaffirming the strength of the press while keeping individual freedom.
  • It’s in line with a use and gratification method of television viewers motives (and dependency theory).
  • It represents a back-to-basics method of mass communication research, having a concentrate on election campaigns.
  • In political media, who sets the agenda?
  • When we werent here tonight, the number of people could be watching Monica and Barbara (the Lewinsky interview)?

Agenda Setting?

  • Media agenda and public agenda: a detailed match.
  • McCombs and Shaw assert the agenda-setting purpose of the press causes the correlation between your media and public ordering of priorities.
  • However, correlation doesn’t prove causation.

Agenda Setting: Who’re the folks most impacted by the press agenda?

  • Individuals susceptible have a superior requirement for orientation or index appealing.
  • Requirement for orientation comes from high relevance and uncertainty.

Agenda Setting: Which issues are boosted by media attention?

  • The press appear particularly good at creating public curiosity about political candidates and campaign strategy.
  • Agenda-setting researchers now understand that the campaign is the main issue.
  • Will the impeachment trial illustrate this?

Agenda Setting: Do priming and framing dictate what individuals think?

  • Priming is really a mental process whereby media focus on particular issues not just boosts the salience of individuals issues, but additionally activates in peoples recollections formerly acquired details about individuals issues.
  • Framing calls focus on some facets of reality while obscuring additional factors, that might lead audiences to possess different reactions (McCombs Shaw)

Media Dependency Theory

  • Produced by Ball-Rokeach and DeFluer
  • Key Idea: Audiences rely on media information to satisfy needs and achieve goals.
  • Key Idea: Social institutions and media systems communicate with audiences to produce needs, interests, and motives within the person.

The quality of dependence is affected by:
1. The amount and centrality of knowledge functions. Media functions include:
Monitoring government activities
Social Cohesion
2. Social stability
When telecomutting saves gas and conflict are high and established institutions, beliefs, and practices are challenged people make new evaluations and choices. In such instances of instability, reliance upon media may increase.Media Dependency Theory: Some Questions

  • Do media create needs?
  • Do people use media to attain gratification and satisfy needs?
  • Are media needs personal, social, cultural, political, or many of these?
  • The press are our buddies??

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Printed: 23, March 2015


American cartoons comprise typically the most popular film product niche for children worldwide, and also have acquired considerable attention when it comes to educating children. Being an excellent medium for storytelling, children discover the fundamental concepts of the items the planet is much like and just what love and ethics come from the favorite anecdotes they watch. I’m presently studying among the communication theories, namely, cultivation theory. American cartoons, particularly Disney movies, are classic objects of study.

The cultivation theory produced by George Gerbner and Ray Gross from the College of Pennsylvania claims that the greater time people spend living within the television world, the much more likely they’re to think the social reality portrayed on tv. Therefore, heavy television viewers possess a greater estimation for the social reality (e.g. violence, prostitution, affluence, occupation, and marital discord) than real-world phenomena can justify. Thus, to help make the theory relevant towards the real life, the research emphasizes the injury that tv shows might provide people. For me, early education is important to the introduction of a person’s personality additionally, it determines his/her later ideology. Thus, the results of cartoons on children’s self development count studying.


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American cartoons and animation movies have benefits, specifically in teaching children the of honesty, bravery, and friendship, cheap justice and good will overcome evil. However, we are able to also observe that the protagonists frequently use violence to defeat evil. Together with violence, gender problems and spiritual issues also appear in many films greater than we believe, and kids find out about them without guidance. Children could easily confuse reality and fantasy, specifically in our current society where parents who’re busy with work and socializing use game titles and tv shows as substitute buddies for his or her children. The bottom line is, studying American cartoons is vital for all of us simply because they may drastically affect children’s upbringing by presenting negative messages.

The cultivation theory deeply concentrates on the results of violence around the behavior of individuals. Within this paper, I’ll evaluate the problem of bigotry in cartoons to help make the study from the cultivation theory more complete. Discrimination is yet another essential subject that’s been largely neglected because of the concentrate on violence in cartoons.

Literature Review

Dixon (2006) believes that heavy viewers of television are more inclined to believe that an African-American suspect is guilty additionally they see the world like a more harmful place of computer really is. Television encourages violence and aggression. Durkin (1985) props up view that youngsters obtain info on gender roles and racial views from television and model their behaviors according to television portrayal.

Gerbner describe the entire process of blurring, blending, and bending that’s felt by people with heavy viewing habits. (Griffin, 2011). Heavy television viewers produce a common outlook through constant contact with exactly the same images and labels. In movies, the heroes and also the victims will always be fair-skinned, whereas the crooks or villains will always be black- or dark-skinned. Mastro and Stern (2003) include that races apart from whites they are under-symbolized, negatively portrayed, and therefore are frequently targets of mockery.

From Larson’s theory, the greater children view television programs, the much more likely they’re to build up and entertain classical gender and racial stereotypes according to the things they view in media (Larson, 2002).

Waver (2011) analyzes racial related-phenomena in American movies and finds the race from the actors clearly affects the desires of white-colored audience people to determine the flicks. The greater the proportion of black actors within the movie, the less interested white-colored citizens were in seeing the film.


Most Disney movies feature gorgeous princesses, such as the Little Mermaid, Snow White-colored, and Rapunzel, who’re all portrayed as Caucasians. The princess within the film The Princess and also the Frog was dark-skinned but her prince would be a white-colored man. Most heroes during these movies are fair-skinned, however the skin color from the villains are diverse. Within the movies, the storylines usually begin with a white-colored man who breaks right into a new cultural atmosphere, changes the locals’ perspectives and customs, and leads them defeat the theif, then he becomes the hero. Tarzan even grew to become king from the forest. This stereotype exists in several American movies. Based on the cultivation theory, children may subconsciously develop behavior stereotypes, although the things they view might be biased, distorted or misleading (Oliver, 2001 , Cruz, 1994).


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Marked to plain

American cartoon movies include their very own value to foreign cultures, which might adversely affect children’s understanding of the particular status of other nations. For example, the song from the Disney movie Aladdin (1992) used inappropriate words to explain the hometown of Aladdin. Within the song, the language €¦where they stop your ear when they can’t stand the face. It’s crude, however, it’s home offended the Arab Americans, who thought that the lyrics really are a misrepresentation from the Arab culture and really should be removed. In 1993, the brand new You are able to Occasions printed a critique from the stated movie, that was titled It’s racism, however, it’s Disney. The content noticed that To characterize a whole region with this type of tongue-in-oral cavity bigotry, particularly in a film targeted at children, borders on crude (New You are able to Occasions, 1993). Another Disney movie, Mulan, twisted certain details from the Chinese culture. Within the movie, Mulan was characterised being an independent, liberal lady who recommended to this the princesses chase love fearlessly. Even though this is an recognized idea in society and is considered proper by many people, it’s not the actual ideology in ancient China it’s not part true background and real tradition. In another animation movie, Pocahontas, the romance story was exaggerated and deviated from what really happened ever.

The items in some American cartoons tend to be more suitable for adults. For example, the show South Park features sarcasm, dirty words, and improper content that may be easily misinterpreted by children. Within an episode within the eleventh season from the show With Apologies to Jesse Jackson, the term nigger was utilized 43 occasions. Although the objective of this episode wasn’t to humiliate black people, because the episode was basically highly recognized by blacks, children may misconstrue the objective of this cartoon and discover a brand new word they could abuse.

Another Disney movie titled Song from the South featured an audio lesson known as Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, which won the Oscar for Original Score in 1946. However, the film had racist habits when viewed in the qualifying criterion nowadays. The storyline happens within the South following the Civil War, and Uncle Remus, a freed slave, informs tales to children and means they are laugh. Adam Clayton Powell Junior. viewed the portrayal from the happy existence like a slave with suspicion and posited that it’s humiliating to minorities. Disney didn’t publish the DVD within the U . s . States to prevent eliciting bitterness in the public. €€

Griffin (2000) describes the results that media might have around the audience to be much like a cue ball. The result from the cue ball exists whatever the distance from the cue ball to another balls. An identical effect are visible in the posters on most movies, in which the character’s outlook has already been printed prior to the audience even sees the film. For example, within the movie Aladdin, your skin tones of Aladdin and Jasmine are fairer than individuals from the others within the movie, and Jafar’s appearance would be able to provide a general impression of his villainy before the film is observed. Fair skin can thus be mistakenly linked to wholesomeness and kindness, whereas black or dark skin might be connected with criminality and craftiness.

The issue is not restricted to movies alone. The crowd features its own personal interest, which in turn causes the racial issue in movies to get a vast loop. Based on the study by Weaver this year, white-colored people will probably choose movies with white-colored cast people than movies with cast people using their company races, therefore decreasing possibilities for white-colored children to determine more movies from various aspects, along with the possibilities to allow them to change their stereotypes. White-colored audience people that practice selective avoidance when they see that the film includes a black theme is strictly the priority that black actors for example Will Cruz have expressed, especially with regards to romantic leads in movies (Johnson, 2005). This past year, only two 30 greatest grossing films featured major non-white-colored figures.

Based on the cultivation theory, when audience people frequently see the same scenario from various tv shows and films, they’ll affiliate it using the outdoors world in their eyes. Racism is really a phenomenon that can’t be completely eliminated, specifically in a rustic because of so many ethnicities, like the U . s . States. Our prime rate of positive roles that white-colored people portray signifies the constancy of racism later on.


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Children from around the globe watch Disney along with other American cartoons. Thus, these movies and shows have far-reaching effects. Becoming an adult uncovered to a lot of classic and fantastic tales have stored children well entertained and educated, because they arrived at understand the tales being told and also the excellent techniques and artwork utilized in the telling. The positive influences these movies dress in youngsters are undeniably more immense compared to negative influences, because they educate children to become independent, tough, and loyal. Promoting liberty, human legal rights, and American ideology is essential for any nation to unite and educate people. However, praising American culture while criticizing others isn’t sincere. Racism isn’t a indisputable fact that children ought to learn. We are able to strengthen their concept of equality using the cultivation theory, which could cause home loan business conflicts between races, genders, along with other issues.

As embodied within the cultivation theory, when television predominates the lives of kids, its influence can permeate the behaviour, language, ideas, and actions of kids. Furthermore, negative messages are usually received easier than positive messages. Thus, the results of media on children ought to be studied, and possible modifications ought to be introduced.

Recent American cartoons already manifest some changes. For example, the primary character within the movie Megamind has blue skin, and also the classic picture of the super hero may be the one being mocked. An approaching movie titled Avoid The World will feature tales of countless blue figures.

Guidance from parents can also be crucial in eliminating or mitigating the influence of cultivation impact on children. Children’s understanding around the globe and the capability to tell from wrong aren’t yet mature, so parents might help their kids know very well what is on the watch’s screen by explaining the items in tv shows for them. The film rating system ought to be used worldwide. The cultivation theory also clearly posits the cultivation effect occurs after lengthy-term, cumulative contact with television (Weimann2000). Thus, decreasing how long children spend watching tv can also be necessary.

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