HIST 2010 US History to 1877

HIST 2010 US History to 1877

Assignment 1 (10% of final grade)


Choose one of the following questions to answer in a coherent detailed essay response.  Be sure to include any relevant terms, people, events, and concepts included in your lesson objectives.  Include examples when appropriate.  Be sure to address the basics such as who, what, when, where, and why do we care.


Be sure to clearly identify which question you are responding to at the beginning of your essay.


  • How and why did the diet of the global human population change between c.1490-1650?
  • How and why did the global human population decline by around 54 million people in about 150 years after the events of 1492?
  • What motivated and enabled Columbus to sail across the Atlantic Ocean?
  • How and why did religious conflict in Europe effect settlement patterns in the New World?
  • How and why were the settlement patterns of the Spanish, French, and English alike in some respects and different in others?
  • How did religious dissent shape the settlement of New England colonies?
  • How and why did the regional economies of the English colonies share similarities and develop differences?
  • How and why did regional differences as well as similarities develop in North American slave societies of the Chesapeake, the lower South, and the North (particularly New England)?



Be sure to answer in your own words.  DO NOT use any direct quotes for this exercise.


This is a formal assignment and so you should follow the guidelines for formal writing included in your syllabus.


Your essay should be no more than two double-spaced pages.


After your narrative, list the sources used in formulating your response including specific page numbers from your textbook and other readings.



Grading Criteria

  • (10%) Did you participate in the peer review session?
  • (10%) Does your response follow the course Guidelines for Formal Writing Assignments?
  • (20%) Is your response well thought out, structured, and organized?
  • (40%) Do you cover the relevant terms, people, events, and concepts included in your lesson objectives?
  • (20%) Does your response demonstrate comprehension by including examples and relating relevant terms, people, events, and concepts to each other in a coherent manner?



Due:  at the beginning of class Monday, June 11



IMPORTANT – Submit both a hard copy in class and a digital copy through the assignment dropbox on D2L.  The assignment will not be considered complete unless you submit both the hard and digital copies – and will receive NO credit.

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