How to write a Dissertation Methodology

A dissertation methodology is given to the professors before writing your dissertation. It contains all your direction of research. By direction we mean the methodology that a student is going to choose for the research in his dissertation. A dissertation is a thesis statement that student substantiate with valid evidences and examples throughout the development of his dissertation. To know in best way how to write dissertation by following proper methodology students can take help of professionals as well.

What is Research Methodology and Why it is Important

Research methodology is the synopsis of your dissertation regarding the research that you are going to do for the dissertation purpose. It is very obvious that every research need some data to analyze. This data is collected through a number of sources by the researcher. A research methodology that is given to the professor to make his assure that you are going to follow a proper research method for your dissertation is very important.

It gives a glimpse of your work that you are going to do. Dissertation methodology structure should be followed by the students in best way. It could be done by going through the multiple research methodology examples from reputed sources. By doing so, students can submit a good research methodology to their teachers on time.

How to Starts Writing a Research Methodology

In order to start writing a research methodology it is very important to opt an authentic and correct methodology in research proposal. This is because a wrong research methodology for dissertation writing can bring serious problems to the students. To start the dissertation research methodology it is important to know which type of methodology would be suitable for your dissertation. For instance there are dissertations which are given to the students on Economics Assignments as a result of which the research need huge numerical data analysis.

On the contrary part in literature assignments or let it be sociology assignments numerical data not that much important for the purpose of research. So it should be known to the student before writing his dissertation research methodology that which type he is going to choose for his dissertation. Once it is opted by the students, he can starts writing by describing the topic and why he choose that type of research methodology.

Different Types of Research Methodologies in Dissertation Writing

There are different types of research methodologies that are opted by the students for writing their dissertation. Some rely on Qualitative data while others prefer to quantitative research. There are some who manage to include both qualitative and quantitative research in their research methodology. Every type of research methodology has its own features and way of research along with data collection. Masters dissertation methodology examples are given to the students by professional helpers to write best research methodology for dissertation.

Qualitative Research Methodology

Qualititative research methodology is preferred when students have to write dissertation on the subject which need analysis on the basis of ground realities. Deep analysis of the statements and research to know the truth is done in such methodology. Here are some methods used in qualitative methodology.

  1. Anecdotes – These are the live examples that are kept in museum and help to know the multiples things for historic research. Students can choose these types of methods for the sociology and literature based dissertation topics as well.
  2. Autobiographies – Autobiographies become important when research and dissertation is written on a specific person. These are basically some renowned persons or we can say dissertation writing on features.
  3. Interviews – Interviews and bits of the famous people also become very crucial for qualitative research. This could also be included in the methods of research methodology.

Quantitative Research Methodology

Quantitative research methodology is important when statistical data becomes important for the research on data. There are number of ways through which this data could be collected. Here are some of those methods mentioned below which help in quantitative research methodology.

  1. Surveys – Surveys through the authentic resources could be an important medium of collecting data for quantitative research. Most of the students rely on this method for research.
  2. Questionnaires – Questionnaires are also equally important to know the opinions of people on a given topic. If you need such help for your research you can also conduct such questionnaires.
  3. Authentic Government Documents Some authentic government documents are also helpful for the sake of numeric data collection to write economics and other assignments. Dissertation writing on quantitative data analysis from government document is important for making a dissertation of superior quality.

Tips for writing Good Research Methodology

Before starts writing the research methodology for the Dissertation Assignments following tips must be taken from the professionals. These tips will help you to write attractive research methodology for your dissertation.

  1. Include the purpose of your dissertation in the very beginning.
  2. Make sure to describe the type of research you are going to include in your research methodology. It means that students have to choose among qualititative research and quantitative research very carefully.
  3. If you are choosing quantitative research describe the way you will complete it for the collection of data. Similarly you have to do the same thing for qualitative research.
  4. Quantitative research includes the methods for data collection like Questionnaire, survey etc.
  5. Qualititative research is based on the methods like Observations, empirical knowledge, analysis of the personal interviews of the person and autobiographies. Further anecdotes could also be used for this purpose in historical research.

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