Literary Criticism

Part One: Choose a school of literary criticism and explain how this particular school chooses to analyze a text. What type of questions might they ask?

* Your should be long enough to demonstrate you understand the school of criticism (This means to aim to be as thorough as possible). Be sure to cite where you received your information from.

Part Two: Choose a text from this week’s unit and apply a school of criticism to your analysis of the text. Aim for a 250-450 minimum word response.

See resource list for example assignment

List of literary theories/ school of criticism’s to choose from

· Formalism (New Criticism)

· Feminism

· Cultural Studies

· Reader Response

· Psychoanalytic

· Biographical

· Structuralism

· Post-Structuralism

· Marxist

· Archetypal (or Myth) criticism

· The New Historicism

· Gender (Lesbian and Gay) Criticism

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