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Slides #5 and #6 demonstrate the major exporting and importing countries globally.

The U.S.A. is the world’s major importer, while China is the world’s major exporter.

None of the countries enjoys a harmonious “balance of trade”.

Assume you are a global trade expert.

What would you advise to the U.S. government in order to balance their trade and boost their exports?
What would you advise to the Chinese government in order to balance their trade and boost their imports?



Congratulations! You are the CEO of your favorite global corporation!

Which global region or country would be your priority in order to keep up with your competition, and boost your sales?

Would you target one country, or a group of similar countries in a single region, and why?


Check out PPT #1, slides 11-18. Choose one International Trade Theory that you consider better represents our modern global trade. Explain how this theory is applicable in our modern global market.


Check out PPT #2.

What are the trends of Modern Supply Chain Management?


PPT #3 lists and describes many types of International Logistics Infrastructure, e.g. transportation, services, legal, etc.

Assume you are a corporate leader. Select one global region that you consider as a financial and trade leader, and explain how its success is based on its advanced infrastructure systems.


PPT #4 lists and describes several Methods of Market Entry.

Assume you are the Director of Global Business Development within your favorite company. Study the Methods of entry into Foreign


  1. 1.

I can advise U.S.A and China to use modern technology for them to correct the balance of trade. The U.S.A government should boost their exports by improving cooperation among economic actors that is cooperation among the government, exporters and the business actors. The Chinese government should expand its imports by keeping the cash flowing for payment of the goods to be imported to avoid the late payment of the goods.

  1. 2.

As I would prefer to China and U.S.A in a trade to maintain my competitors. This is because these two regions are well known for goods of high quality and quantity. I target many countries to avoid competitors from other areas.

  1. 3.

The global strategic theory is one among many international theories. It focuses on efforts of gaining a competitive advantage over other global industry firms. The global strategic theory focuses on two different multinational companies and seeks to alleviate any rivalry existing between the two. This theory has many advantages to the current market as it provides ways to encounter global marketing challenges.

  1. 4.

The treads for supply chain management include supply chain digitization, artificial intelligence, stronger collaboration in supply chain process, more focus on supply chain resiliency and risk management, wearable devices and circular supply chain. These treads focus on reducing operating expenses while increasing efficiency.

  1. 5.

U.S.A is a financial and trade leader as it has well-equipped infrastructure. The transportation of goods in the region is easy and faster as compared to another region. Also, the good equipment’s in the region leads to the production of high quality and quantity goods making the trade favorable.

  1. 6.

As a director of Coca-Cola Company, I have discovered the following modes of entry into international markets. They include internet, licensing, joint ventures and strategic alliances. I prefer internet as I can advertise the products of the company through social media easily thus yielding high profits.

  1. 7.

The mergers and acquisitions are where the ownership of the companies is combined and start working together. An example is when the coca cola company stars operating together with Turkey Company hence forming one company.

  1. 8.

The main problem in global trade is a financial problem. This reduces the cash flow in the banks hence leading to no or little money to be borrowed from the banks. This may lead to collapsing of the company due to lack of financials required.

  1. 9.

The main significant of technology innovations is it’s easy and faster to use.  The use of technology leads to the production of high quality and quantity goods at a more rapid rate. Also, the use of technology reduces high costs which may be occurred when the job gets done manually.

  1. 10

An example of modern CEO is Julian Von Blucher.  She has played a great development in the country. She makes very important decisions; she promotes teamwork through social and technological changes among many others.

  1. 11.

There are some jobs which machines cannot replace. They include professional sports, dentists, healthcare and medicine, education, quality assurance and politics and law, legal assistance, taxi driver, cashier, loan officer and fast food cook.

  1. 12.

There are some talents and skills that cannot be replaced by machines. They include evaluation of culture, reward of employees, creative arts, and professional sports. Creativity and innovation help come up with new machines that increase productivity for international companies.






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