Mar 6 (T): (7) Beauty By Korean Design

Mar 6 (T): (7) Beauty By Korean Design


  1. Davies, Gloria, and Gil-Soo Han. “Korean cosmetic surgery and digital publicity: Beauty by Korean design.” Media International Australia Incorporating Culture and Policy 2011: 146-56. (CSUDH Library Link)
  2. Marx, Patricia. “Why Is South Korea the World’s Plastic-surgery Capital?” Editorial. The New Yorker. Condé Nast, 23 Mar. 2015. (Link)
  3. Stevenson, Alexandra. “Plastic Surgery Tourism Brings Chinese to South Korea.” The New York Times. 24 Dec. 2014. (Link)
  4. Stone, Zara. “The K-Pop Plastic Surgery Obsession”. Atlantic, May 24, 2013. (Link)
  5. Film: 200 Pound Beauty (2008) (Link)

Readings Response Journals Grading Criteria: Reading journ

als should be at least 350 

words in length (approximately one half page, single-spaced) and 

should accomplish the 


Clear, concise, well-


ganized engagement with that lecture

s readings/viewings; 

Demonstrate analytical capabilities and creative thinking; 

Include a brief overview of the material and a personal critical assessment



Demonstrate completion of that Lecture

readings/viewings, usually by citing 


ecific examples taken from those materials in your response; 

Provide critical reflection on that Lecture

s readings/viewings based on your own 

personal thoughts and ideas. 

Mere summaries of the readings or lengthy anecdotal tangents will NOT be 


How you organize your response is open, but be sure that you reference 


of the 

readings/viewings somewhere in your response (references can be by title or

author; no 

formal citations are needed).  How you demonstrate critical reflection i

s open.  Here are 

some questions you might consider: How do the readings/ viewings connect to i


discussed in that particular Lecture?  What did you find most inter

esting about the 

readings/viewings and why?  Do you agree with the ideas presented?  What

issues did 

the authors overlook?  How do these issues or ideas relate to your own life or t

o things 

you are leaning about in other classes?  Did this reading change your

perspective on 


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