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Click the Code of Ethics link in the reading hyperlink below. Once you arrive at the ANA page, click on the Code of Ethics ( the second one on the page; you then have to choose yes or no to view the code).
Pick a Provision (#1-9) and read the subcategories. Choose one subcategory and discuss a time in your previous experience that relates to the content. Restate the subcategory and answer the following questions. How was the code violated? What effect did the violation have on the client? How did the violation affect the nurse, the physician, the client’s family, the environment and attitudes of the nursing unit? What could have been done differently to prevent the code violation? How will you use the Code of Ethics to guide your nursing care from this point forward?

To receive total credit for this assignment, you must fully explore each question ( address all content in each one), write two pages (not including the title page), have no spelling or grammar mistakes, and include a title page ( be sure to format the running head correctly), and use APA format as discussed in Module 2. PLEASE do a spelling/grammar check prior to


Codes of ethics in nursing are developed as guides for the nurses that help them to practice a comprehensive, ethical and safe care for the patients. This report focuses on a case study that I have encountered in my career as a student nurse. In this report I will tally my case study with the provision 3 of the nursing codes of ethics by ANA, which defines that a nurse should be able to advocate for the patient and will be able to protect the health and safety rights of the patient.

Brief overview of the case

In my academic career as a nursing student I was appointed to take the charge of a young Iranian immigrant patient, who had been suffering from HIV infections. The boy was 21 years old and was suffering from acute dehydration symptoms along with nausea. I was performing well on my part to give the best care to the patient. I was well aware of checking and cross checking the medications. HIV patients are more susceptible to infections and hence should be provided with an extra infection control procedures.

According to the provision 3 of the nursing codes of ethics, a nurse should be the patient’s advocate for maintaining the privacy and the confidentiality (Code of Ethics for Nurses, 2018). As a nurse I was able to stem the principles of autonomy of the patient. In this case, the young patient refused to accompany him to the toilet. Hence as a nurse I thought of maintaining the minimum dignity of the patient and allowed so. The patient belonged to an Iranian background and wanted the procedures like shaving and bathing to be done by someone of the same gender. As a nurse it is my professional duty to offer a culturally safe care to the patient.

There had been a mistake on my part that is I need to be more careful in maintaining the privacy of the patient. I could have made the clinical discussions more privately such that it is not overheard, but somehow it was violated. The patient who was just next to the Iranian patient stopped interacting with the young boy for an unknown reason. I should have been more careful.  It has to be remembered that HIV is stigmatized in many cultures and they are often debarred from socialization, traveling and getting access to the heath care. Fear and embarrassment may further deteriorate the physical and the emotional well being of the patient (Ivanov & Oden, 2013). Nevertheless the patient was suffering from low self esteem and his dignity was in vein. My peers and the registered nurses reminded me of the codes of ethics and I was ashamed on my part for overlooking such an important issue.

In order to prevent the violation of the code, all the clinical proceedings and discussions with the family could have been done at some private space.  The psychological distress caused to the patient also disturbed the family. The well being of the patient was jeopardized which shook the fundamental trust among the patient and the caregiver.

Form that case onwards; I made it sure to safeguard the privacy right of the patients, families and the communities. A nurse should be the pioneer to maintain confidentiality of all the patient information, both clinical and personal in all circumstances. It is also necessary to maintain privacy of the clinical information from the social media. (Henderson & Dahnke, 2015). As a nurse I made it sure to report to the appropriate oversight bodies if any breaching of the standards is noticed. I made it sure to be competent enough to practice evidence based nursing to patients. Finally I should have the acceptance towards any religion or mentality in order to maintain culturally safe care. As a nurse I should be alert and should take appropriate decisions against any incompetent, illegal and unethical practice. I ensure that I would  abide by all the policies of the organization and assist my peers whose performance can be affected by the physical and mental illness or fatigue.




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