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Pediatric Assessment Project

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Complete a Clinical Pediatric Assessment on a child not older than five years old. The essay should be from this assessment. This essay should include a cover sheet
and a bibliography with a minimum of three references. Please cite sources.
*You should compare and contrast physical growth, motor development, language development, psychological basic challenges and anticipatory guidance between an overage
child and the observed child. Provide this on the supplied format with stated references.
*Identify what developmental stage the observed child demonstrated based on Erickson’s Stages of Development and the rationale for your choice supported by references.
*Identify the current immunizations for this child observed and their projected schedule of future immunizations as recommended by the CDC.
Answer the following questions based on the information you gathered during the Pediatric Day (must be in report format) The report must contain the following
1. Developmental Milestones
2. Physical Assessment
3. Communication, Social/Emotional and Mobility


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