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Assignment 2

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Political Science 10
Fall 2017
Writing Assignment #2
Due Wednesday, November 22
(Submit electronically on SafeAssign via iLearn & as a hard copy in lecture)
Imagine you are selected as an advisor to a prospective presidential candidate deciding about
whether or not to make a run in the 2020 election. Based on the readings and our lectures, what
strategy would you recommend? You should assume that your candidate’s goal is to win the
election (which entails winning both the party’s nomination AND the general election), so you
should keep this in mind as you devise your strategy.
Some questions your paper should address include:
1. What issues should your candidate prioritize and what positions should he or she take
on them?
2. Are there any groups the candidate should focus on mobilizing and getting to turn out
on Election Day?
3. What sort of advertising strategy would you recommend (i.e., positive or negative?
issue-oriented or personality-oriented) and why?
4. What will be your candidate’s strategy for media coverage?
5. What sorts of challenges might your candidate face and how would you suggest he or
she respond to them?
Your paper should be approximately three to four pages, typed and double-spaced, with size 12,
Times New Roman font and 1 inch margins. You are not expected to do outside research.
Instead, your grade will be based on the extent to which you demonstrate that you have read and
understood the readings and lecture material and that you have put some independent thought
into developing a strategy and platform for your candidate. However, you still need to cite
sources when appropriate. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. References
and citations should be consistent with the Chicago Manual of Style
(https://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/home.html). The hard copy of the assignment is due at
the beginning of lecture on Wednesday, November 22


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