Rahat Continental Limited – Academic Writing

Assessment Brief

You have been appointed as an international Business consultant for an upcoming high profile SME based in India, Rahat Continental Limited. As part of their main business portfolio, they offer a comprehensive air service that is committed to the safe, reliable and cost-effective delivery of your consignment. They are IATA registered agents, which gives them access to all the major airlines which can offer competitive prices to clients. They have the expertise and ability to move single or complex shipments by air, at any time to or from any destination. Please find further details on their company website: http://www.rahatcontinental.com/

Rahat would now like to set up a new business venture in UK.  They intend to set-up an e-commerce platform to sell organic cotton wear for infants (0-2 years) in UK. They intend to get a supplier from India who has expertise in manufacturing organic cotton infant wear. The business fully intends to make use of the UK’s reputation as a land of quality, reliability, and transparency.

Since this new venture in the UK, it can be seen as an unrelated diversification; a new portfolio with new risks and opportunities involved.

Rahat Continental Limited has engaged you as a consultant to provide the company with a business strategy to establish a new e-commerce venture to sell infant cotton wear in the UK.

The company requires a 3500 words professional report covering all of the following criteria:

  • A detailed strategy proposal based on extensive and relevant market research supported by key facts and figures.
  • Your research must identify:
    1. Key business drivers behind company’s expansion into the UK.
    2. Important barriers to trade and protectionist policies that can hamper the new venture
    3. Ethical, social and legal issues that needs to be taken into account
    4. Cross-cultural issues that are relevant to the proposed venture.
  • Based on the evidence from your research evaluate the feasibility of the proposed venture in the current UK market environment taking into consideration:
    1. the e-commerce option versus other methods of expansion;
    2. the aspects of international marketing relevant to the proposed venture; and,
    3. potential impact of Brexit on the venture


The reports are expected to follow UWL Harvard Referencing.