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  1) Choose ONE endangered species. Fish and Wildlife Services websiteprovides a list of all endangered and threatened species. Use this resource tochoose a specific species of mammal, bird, plant, invertebrate, et  2) Identify the species’ scientific name, listing status, and a short summary ofwhat is known about the species.  Evolutionary Background:-phylogenetic identity (kingdom, phylum, class, order, family,genus and species)-closest living relativeRegions occupied both past and presentEcology, habitat, and dietReproductive processesPopulation numbers (# of individuals both past and present)Status of its current populations (stable, increasing, or decreasing)The factors that led to the species endangerment 3) Provide a history of how the species was recognized as being threatenedand the exact date it was listed. Give a detailed account of the kinds ofprotection plans being provided and give specific examples. In this account,you must mention the following FOUR types of protections:Critical Habitat designationRecovery PlanHabitat Conservation Plan (Natural Communities ConservationPlan or Candidate Conservation Plan also acceptable) 
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