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Everybody Believes about the Middle Ages like about the time of tortures and Passion. And that’s a pretty correct insight for a historical period when people got burnt at the stake just as they were beautiful (consequently, practiced witchcraft — evident, isn’t it?) Or thought in mathematics more than in God.

Michael Servetus was the first scientist from Europe to describe correctly the blood flow to the heart and lungs. Would you guess how he was rewarded for that? And what about Giordano Bruno who supported the concept that the Earth wasn’t the middle of the world? Did the church spare his life? Nope, following seven years in prison, the Pope decided that it was time to burn the heretic. Quite a period to produce discoveries, isn’t it?

But you live in a completely different world where matters have been respected and developed, and also the access to information is (almost) limitless. Thus, let us have a look at 20 MLA research paper issues that you can readily explore now, but might have been burnt for in the Middle Ages.


  1. The Foundations and Logic of Mathematics (Famous Greek female scientist, Hypatia, was burned for promoting mathematical ideas in 415 C.E.)
  2. The Model Math Theory for Formal Languages
  3. Poker and Math – the Fundamental Theorem That Explains the Best Decisions in the Game
  4. Stereometry – How Mathematical Science Shapes the Space
  5. Distant Solar Systems and the Possibility of Life on Other Planets (Remember Giordano Bruno? Poor guy just predicted the direction of cosmological theories, and got brutally killed for his vision.)
  6. The Actual Difference between Asteroids and Planets
  7. The Big Bang Theory and Philosophical Questions It Raises
  8. The Origins of the Moon: the Most Likely Theories
  9. Dark Energy and What We Know about It
  10. Multiple Translations of the Bible and the Analyses of the Differences (William Tyndale was a famous linguist who created the English translation of the Bible which was pronounced a heresy. In 1536 he was punished for that at stake.)
  11. Notions That Has Been Changed Through the Years of Translating the Bible
  12. Contact Linguistics: Knowing Two and More Languages
  13. Language and Cognition in Terms of Linguistics
  14. The Connection between Pulmonary Cycle and Bronchial Circulation (The contribution of Michael Servetus to blood circulation studies will never be overestimated.)
  15. Stem Cells Research: Pros and Cons
  16. Correct Diet as the Main Tool to Avoid Cancer
  17. Antibiotic Resistance as the Next Health Global Problem
  18. Genetic Predisposition to Heart Diseases and Ways to Eliminate It
  19. The Role of Robotics in Medicine
  20. Did Humans emerge to Eat Meat and Drink Milk?

However interesting the themes sound to you, you’d have been punished if you’d selected to explore them at the medieval times. Though, if you had confessed your sings, the prosecutors would be merciful and strangle you prior to burning. Except for the awful details, but that’s the cruel fact, so cheer up! You can now study whatever you want with no consequences.

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