Social Intrapreneurship (within a business) Social improvement plan

Your assignment is to research the social practices of an existing company and then write a report on how the firm can improve an element of their social practices.  The analysis can either be through your own independent research or by working directly with a company leader.

Choosing a Company/Venture

Based on your personal goals and interests, you may choose from the following approaches. I encourage you to first and foremost choose a company that is of interest to you.

  • Identify an existing business with whom you can have direct communication.  This could include your current or future employer, a local business, or a business from your hometown.  In this approach you may choose to utilize the B LAB assessment or another form of analysis for your report.
  • Identify an existing business with enough information publicly available that you can conduct sufficient secondary market research to complete the assignment requirements.  You may choose to use the business you used in the Social Business Report or a business from the B LAB list(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..  Using a company from the B LAB list could be a good approach if the firm is willing to share their B LAB Impact Assessment and / or Customized Improvement Report.


I expect your research to be extensive and much more inclusive than a simple Internet search, or a repeat of company documents.  Independent evaluations, such as newspaper articles, trade magazine reports, or investment analyses are essential.  Please include a list of references cited at the end of the report, and cite the sources of information in APA format throughout the text.

Report Format

Reports should be five to seven single-spaced typed pages, not including references.  Please submit in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font and do not exceed seven pages.

While I encourage you to use your creative writing and organizational skills to best communicate the nature of the proposal, the following provides a suggested outline for the assignment.  Unless you use another format, please utilize the subheadings provided below.






Re: <Company Name> Social Improvement Plan

Date: <date>

Company Overview – Provide a description of the company’s history, current status, and basic product/service and purpose.  Possible topics include formation history, major events, size of the business, founders, top management team, mission, and indicators of financial or other success (level of revenues growth, market acceptance).  This section should create interest in the company as well as provide an overview.


Social Issue  – Provide an overview of the social issue. Make sure to include why the social issue matters (who cares?), key facts and figures, who is affected, and why this is an issue.  This issue you identify should be clearly linked to social impact and clearly related to the business.  For example, assessing sustainable manufacturing processes would probably not be relevant for an elementary school.


Current Practices  – Provide details about the firm’s current practices (current status, projects, results, etc) related to the social issue.  Describe why the current practices do not meet the firm’s social goals or are otherwise insufficient.


Background Research and Analysis – Provide your research on how the firm may better address the issue.  Examples may include, benchmark analysis (what have other firms done successfully), pracitioner / expert interviews, magazine / newspaper articles, trade publications, personal experiences, etc.  Relevant analysis may include anticipated financial or social impact.

Recommendation and Conclusion – Provide your concluding arguments on why the firm should implement your recommendations.  Make sure to include any short-term or long-term goals the firm should set associated with your plan and any details on how the plan would be implemented (recommended project champions, timing, budget, etc).

Works Cited – APA “works cited” format at end of report and referenced throughout document.