Social Structure and Social Interaction, Social Groups and Organization

Unit 3 AS: Social Structure and Social Interaction, Social Groups and Organization
(CSLO 1, CSLO 2, CSLO 5)


Answer the following Essay Questions:

  1. Identify role strain and role conflict with examples. Explore the role strains that you as students experience and possible role conflict that you might experience in the near future. How might these experiences be different from the role strain you experience now?   (CSLO1, CSLO2, CSLO5)
  2. Apply the structural-functionalist theory, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionalist theory to the study of social interaction. Rate your own success at impression management since you have been in college. In what areas do you need more practice? (CSLO1, CSLO2, CSLO5)
  3. Observe group size in your interactions while finding yourself in dyads, triads, and larger groups and use two sources to illustrate group characteristics.(CSLO1, CSLO2, CSLO5)
  4. Based on a college’s or university’s organization chart, describe the characteristics of bureaucracy and explain the weaknesses of the formal organization in modern society. (CSLO1, CSLO2, CSLO5)
  5. Use Conflict theory, Symbolic Interactionalist theory, and Structural Functionalist theory to analyze the bureaucracy and suggest alternative organizations for delivering a higher education experience. (CSLO1, CSLO2, CSLO5)


How to earn a top score?

This is the writing assignment with essay questions and is worth a total of 50 points. Students are required to provide substantive responses to each essay question. By substantive responses, it means:

  1. Cover all key elements of each essay question
  2. Give enough information about the topic
  3. apply the chapter concepts and theories to real-life situations
  4. Seek out additional resources to gain a better insight of the topic
  5. Bring in examples and experiences to illustrate the point
  6. Cite at least two references per essay question
  7. Acceptable length: write a minimum of 600 words per essay question

Formatting Requirements
Use one-inch margins

Use 1 12-point Times New Roman font

Use double-line spacing in the document

Cite all sources in APA (American Psychological Association)

APA (American Psychological Association) Format

Make sure that your reference page is in the same document as your assignment. Your in-text citations are in the last name and year format or shortened website name, such as (Baylor, 2014) or (YouTube, 2017). Your reference page citation, for example, looks like this:

Baylor, T. (2014). Introduction to Sociology: A Collaborative Approach. (4th Ed). Ashbury Publishing LLC

For any questions regarding APA, please look at the APA Guidelines and Examples of in-text citations and references page citations that I will post in Unit 1

How to submit an Assignment?

  1. Click on Unit 1 Assignment tab
    Scroll down and select Browse My Computer. This will search your computer or flash drive for your document.
  2. Select your document and click open to the right
  3. Click on the Submit button. Your document will be uploaded.
    (Note: please do not copy and paste your document in the comment window as this is for leaving any comments to me)




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