Student’s Post: How to Make the Note Taking Effective

Note taking has been there in the academics for a long time. It is something that gives the students a chance to note down whatever they learn during the lecture. However, everything requires some efforts from you and note taking does not ask for anything different as well.


Hence, in this writing piece, we will try to make you aware of the steps that could lead you to do better note taking. So, read on to learn the same!

Attend the lecture fully prepared

You must have noticed that a sports person gets out in the field with whatever he or she needs in the field. It helps the sports person to perform well on the field.

If you read your study material before the lecture, find highlighters and rough note book in your beg in the classroom. It means you are fully prepared to learn and to take notes. It could lead you to perform better in the academics.

Your ears and mind must be present in the class

Every class has the students who could be seen attending their lecture. But, they may not be mentally present there. As a result, they may not be able to even hear whatever the teacher said, thinking of the note taking is impossible.

It is recommended for you to stay fully focused to the lecture. You should not only hear the lecture, but should make sure to understand the topic being discussed. Taking the notes will only prove helpful that way.

Discover the note taking method you find easiest

You can easily understand that when you discover your strengths and weakness, you find yourself able to work effectively. You could take the notes effectively as well if you discover your the note taking method that best suits you.

There are as many as five note taking methods; Cornell method, sentence method, mapping method, outlining method and charting method.

Revise and edit the notes after the lecture

It is possible that you may have made errors while writing down the notes. You may also have forgot to write some information down on paper. Revising the notes is much important for this reason.

You should read the notes carefully. Your focus should be on filtering the errors out and make the notes correct in terms of language and grammar. You should also note down the points which you don’t understand and should discuss it with the professor later.

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