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Government Fiscal Regime
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write a report of 3000 words including appropriate research from previous academic articles/books and other relevant sources including appropriateexamples from different tax jurisdictions to support your arguments.
In this report, you need to talk mainly about the UK government but you also need to mention in few lines, in each of the 4 parts, the different tax regimes ofdifferent countries. The countries will be (UK, USA, a European country, for instance, Germany, an African country, for instance, Angola), as long as they havedifferent tax regimes.
“According to a recent survey carried out by the Institute of Fiscal Studies, UK Government spending accounts for 36.9% GDP. Income tax collected represents 25.4% oftotal government revenue while company taxes collected represents 6% only. (Pope and Waters 2016)”
Write a report which critically discusses the government fiscal regime. Your report should include the following:(a) Discuss the various functions of the government:There are 4 functions that you need to discuss, and one of them is managing the economy.
(b) What are the factors that governments need to consider before imposing a new tax or undergoing a tax reform?There are different things that the government looks at, this includes the rate like single or multi-rate, simple or complex tax system, tax unit, tax base …etc
(c) Governments can fulfill their functions through direct or tax expenditure. Discuss the differences in government expenditure:• First, you need to define direct expenditure and tax expenditure.• Try to get support from various jurisdictions by providing relevant examples, as you need to talk about the 4 countries (UK, USA, a European country, for instance,Germany, an African country, for instance, Angola), as long as they have different tax regimes.• Mention If they have the same principals in managing the economy, for instance, having benefits such as child benefit …etc. Another example, one county gives fulltax expenditure and the other county give full direct expenditure … etcPlease do not just list these examples as they need to be critically discussed.
(d) What are the measures that may be taken by governments to reduce tax avoidance?Mainly discuss which measures have the UK government used. You can also refer to the other countries’ measures that their government will have to impose, and what dothey do about tax avoidance.
Part B:Provide a brief reflective report of 300 words on the lessons learnt from the preparation of the assignment and/the module:Talk about your journey for this assignment. Did you find it interesting? Mention good and bad points. Did you face difficulties in finding and choosing articles … etc
NOTE1. The assignment (Part A) must be of a maximum of 3,000 words excluding references and appendices.2. Academic articles need to be reliable.3. References need to be from good sources.4. The assignment should use double line spacing5. The font used should be 12pts
The assessment criteria for the Coursework:Communication skills 20%Report writing ability, presentation of computational questions in the required format, clarity of language and expression used.Research skills 30%The ability to research for proper academic and non-academic articles on the topics; support by examples from various tax jurisdictions to illustrate the differencesin taxation regime.Critical Analysis 45%Students will be expected argue for or against tax laws and support their arguments with examples from various jurisdictions

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