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MUBI is a global, personally-curated film streaming and download service. It offers carefully selected movies, from cult classics to award-winning masterpieces,forgotten gems to festival-fresh independent releases, and includes obscure or art house releases, films you know but haven’t been able to access, and the best ofmainstream releases.
MUBI describes itself as “the antidote to oversaturated choice and average film content”.
Rather than provide thousands of movies, MUBI offers a careful selection of just 30 at any one time – each one handpicked by an informed film lover with great taste,not an algorithm. So every film will be a quality watch.
As you would expect for a service for film lovers, there are no ads. None whatsoever.
This is how the MUBI system works:
· A new choice is added every day (the Film of the Day) and the oldest film is removed, so that the list stays fresh.
· All 30 films are available to watch or download for 30 days.
· The service is available to try for a month for free. Beyond this, subscriptions are monthly and yearly.
The Challenge
On average, people spend nearly five days a year looking for something to watch. After eventually settling for a title – sometimes in desperation – you risk spending20 minutes or more watching it before you find that it really isn’t for you, or your companion.
As in many fields, from fashion, to music and news, people are starting to work out that ‘more’ doesn’t always mean ‘better’. It’s quality over quantity: a brand thatyou can trust.
The task
Create an A4 print ad for a chosen magazine that understands the frustration of not finding enough of what you really want to watch. Use your creative powers toproduce an ad to get film lovers and those who love culture and quality entertainment to put their faith in MUBI and its special curators. Persuade them and theirfriends to sign up for the one month free trial.
Who is it for?
MUBI already has a community of the most interested and interesting cinema lovers in the world. But it’s still very much a secret among ‘those in the know’. Yourtarget audience is not just film lovers, but people who are interested in all aspects of culture: art, theatre, music, design, comedy, architecture, etc. They aresmarter than average, curious about the world and like meeting people who have similar interest. They hate being let down or spending time looking for something thatdoesn’t materialise.
What you should consider
MUBI isn’t just a piece of kit or an extra utility, it’s a home for film lovers. So they aren’t looking for dry, technical ideas – they’re dying to be entertained.
MUBI don’t see Netflix, Amazon Prime and the like as competitors – there are times when they’re just what you want. But there are also times when what you need isMUBI.
Tone of voice: MUBI puts it this way “We take film very seriously, but not ourselves. We’re not artsy-fartsy snobs, we’re likeminded cinema aficionados and all we wantto do is show our audience a good time. No to arrogant, elitist, aloof or dull. Yes to witty, exciting and charming.”
What’s Essential
User journey: You’re free to execute your idea in any magazine you see fit: consider the most relevant title, and think and explain how it might work and why you’vechosen it. Also consider where in the magazine you want to place the ad. Ask yourself: is your work acting as a beacon for great cinema, or is it just adding to thenoise?
Present idea in a nutshell, explain the key insights and elements of your concept, and present your final execution together with sample executions that show how yougot there. Your work can be executed electronically or uploaded as pen and pencil work.

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