Write my Paper on Comparing Social and Self-Control Theories

Comparing Social and Self-Control Theories
Juveniles should be sentenced to life in prison
ravis Hirschi developed two important control theories-social control (or socialbonding) and self-control. This discussion will have you apply these two theories to acase study in order to discern their strengths and weaknesses.
In August 2011, several cities in London, England experienced widespread rioting,looting, and arson- The UK prime minister, David Cameron, blamed the crimes, inpart, on bad parenting- Listen to this statement:
Cameron blames lack of morality, bad parenting.
Please watch this brief video
(Links to an external site.)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGxdGOSDf-w[Video, 00:25 minutes] and read the transcripthttsz/wwwnewstatesmancom/politics/201 1/08/society-fight-work-rights
1. Explain how both social control and self-control theories would explain therelationship between parenting and these kinds of crimes.
2. Which theory do you find more convincing and why? Provide examples tosubstantiate your response-
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