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write the paper as this paper will be based on that.(eg: varies ways and causes Nepal women are being trafficked, how are they being trafficked, consequences of settlement, measures that are taken to solve the issue oftrafficking, and are those measures taken effective or not) theses are just some hints to start up please use the proposal to gain a full understanding and write thispaper.Please look at the essay proposal and write the paper according to the proposal, and these instructions. Please note use the proposal document as a guide to write thepaper but do not use the content there as I have already submitted that and it would look the same.
These 6 articles must be used (Arat-koc, cojocaru, federici, Gabriel, kempadoo, Stephen) and all of them should be used in one way or the other to raise arugments andjustify them.although these 6 articles does not talk about nepal women you can still formulate arguments and justify it using these article and also the other oncethat are talking about nepal women.The rest of the articles (the other 2-3) should be used in conjunction.
This paper should be written in first person, eg I found this or similarly.
Please make sure you reference correctly and please indicate the correct page numbers from all the articles correctly as this is very important for me.
Some hints while I was reading the papers:
For example: in kempadoo reading. Border controller, and women are disempowered because of boarder controller rand anti trafficking measures disempower women ratherthan helping them.Talk about sex work and how unwilling undertaken. And compare with women who are forced.Are women always the victim.
cojocaru reading, talks about the fact that sex trafficking has gained a huge media exposure and has triggered a world wide abolitionist movement that was directed bythe coalition of radical feminist and American evangelist Christians, pg 180 mention and engage with it.
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