Primary and Secondary Authorities

February 13, 2018


You have been asked to serve as the lead developer for a special project that involves the topic of conflict management and its importance in the workplace.  Your job is to research and develop an instructional briefing and prepare a PowerPoint presentation.  This presentation will be used to orient a new supervisor in your organization on the topic of resolving conflict.  Use the speaker notes section to provide more detail about the information you present on your slides.


Create a 15- to 20-slide PowerPoint presentation with approximately 900 words of speaker notes that includes:

  • An introduction to the topic of conflict management.
  • An explanation of why it is strategically important for new supervisors in the HRM realm. 
  • Differences associated with how diversity plays a potential role in conflict and negotiations.
  • A model for understanding and defining the causes of conflict.         
  • The importance in pursuing a reputation as a “good public employer.” 
  • Key issues and practices in negotiations to resolve conflict

Include 3 scholarly sources to support your analysis.

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